Flair: Which Fashion Rules Are Worth Breaking?

Flair: Which Fashion Rules Are Worth Breaking?

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Have you ever questioned generational wisdom, the knowledge that is passed down from Grandma to Mom, Mom to you? Most is terrific and important for maintaining the family legacy. However from a fashion perspective, there are many rules that need to be broken.


Some may seem old and extremely conservative, but Grandma and Mom are still correct when the fashion rule applies to an event or venue: shoulders need to be covered in cathedrals; white should be avoided at weddings – except for the bride, and understated dark colors are still the best for a funeral. Other rules still apply that have to do with good taste, such as its OK to wear a short skirt or low-cut top, but not together.



For the bigger fashion inquiries and stumbling blocks, I had the amazing fortune of interviewing Melissa Rivers of Fashion Police and The Celebrity Apprentice fame, author of Red Carpet Ready and best daily fashion deal decider (aka Editor in Chief) of Shoparatti.com, as well as Ellen Lubin-Sherman, executive coach for personal and product branding and author of The Essentials of Fabulous, Because Whatever Doesn’t Work Here Anymore.


The following is an excerpt for Cincy Chic. To read the full interview, visit www.Dare4Flair.com


Flair: Help us understand which fashion P’s and Q’s we still need to mind. Let’s begin with panty hose. Our mothers have told us for years, sheer panty hose finish the look, hide blemishes and take us through the pastiness of winter, yet most of us ban wearing them, what do you think?

Melissa: They are no longer necessary, but in some corporate situations they are still part of the uniform. It’s a case by case decision. We may be seeing a comeback of panty hose because Kate Middleton is known to wear them.

Ellen: You need to wear panty hose to work, it is not appropriate to go to the office without hose. Yet I believe you can wear fishnet to the office. Try a pair of matte black, brown, navy tights creates a monochromatic look that is very slimming.

Flair: Let’s agree to never wear toed panty hose with open toe shoes.


Flair: Since we’re talking about legs, today’s women are in better shape and have the personality to wear youthful trends, are we allowed to show our knees after 40?

Melissa: It depends on your legs. Be appropriate to your body and the event. It’s OK to wear shorts and skirts if they are appropriate for your body. Women are savvy – we know our bodies and what looks good. It wouldn’t be appropriate for a 20 year old to wear short clothes if they don’t look good on her legs.


Flair: What fashion mishaps have you learned from the red carpet and Fashion Police?

Melissa: It is all about fit and proper foundation garments – for every outfit! Both can change the look from awful to fabulous. Spanx are for everyone, even if you are skinny. Make sure to pack the exact undergarments for the proper pants. You will regret it if you don’t.

Ellen: Great undergarments are a necessity – you need lift, a thong (especially at the gym!) and bottoms that you don’t need to tug each day.


Flair: In regard to wearing trends, isn’t it a smarter decision to wear only what looks good on you, instead of what is “In”?

Melissa: Know the essence of the trend; you can’t wear it head to toe and you don’t need to redo your wardrobe. One piece of a trend goes a long way in making your outfit. Beware of what you see in magazines. That’s not real life.

Ellen: Every season a new color and silhouette are big. I will buy a piece in one of the colors if it looks good on me or I’ll add one or two pieces, but I won’t adapt my style to the trends.


Flair: Tell us some life learned fashion advice:

Ellen: You will never diet your way into pants &mdash– Walk Away!

Melissa: My Godfather’s motto is “Weep Once”, meaning, don’t spend money on the trends. If you buy quality, it’s worth the investment. Wear jeans and pants that look good on you, regardless if expensive or cheap. And once you find them, buy multiple pairs. Melissa: You can tell when someone loves what they are wearing or if they are shoved into it by a stylist, If you are uncomfortable (discomfort and dislike) it’s going to show.


Flair: Have you ever visited Cincinnati?

Melissa: I have never been to Cincinnati, but my closest girl friend Jacquelyn, boyfriend Jason and friend Max all grew up here. I’ve had Skyline (we have it shipped). As an Eagle fan, I am sorry about your Bengals!

Ellen: I was in Cincinnati about 20 years ago. Everyone was lovely and outgoing. I noticed everyone I met was dressed very appropriately for their positions.


To read the full interview, including their thoughts on: mixing multiple animal prints, wearing real and faux fur, their fashion pet peeves and signature styles, visit www.Dare4Flair.com