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Inspired by a cultural movement, a Columbus-based clothing company is showcasing its art through apparel. Read on for more.


FlyGround Clothing aims to inspire a culture movement through clothing.

In a movement to inspire people to make the world a better place, FlyGround Clothing aims to do just that in the fashion world.

“FlyGround Clothing is a movement for the culture to express creative art through fashion,” says Justice Dupree, Founder of FlyGround Clothing.

Dupree says the business, based in Columbus, is based on and inspired by an acronym: “Feel Life Young, Grind and Rise Over Unwanted Negative Doubt.” 

Not only is the company’s passion for inspiring a culture movement what makes it unique and continue its inspiration, but FlyGround also showcases the emotion behind the fashion line through its art.

“The emotion behind the art is basically the feel of what you see. It’s more than just a picture on a shirt and a design with colors,” says Dupree. “I want the world to see my creations and be able to relate to it in their own way. Art comes from emotions and that’s what makes my creations.”

When you shop FlyGround Clothing, you’ll find mens, womens, and kids apparel. While they currently only sell t-shirts, Dupree says they hope to launch a line of outerwear for the fall and winter seasons.

Prices for items from FlyGround Clothing range from $8 to $45.

The first t-shirt from FlyGround Clothing was released on July 1, 2016, and the brand has continued to see exceptional growth with its customer base.

You can check out FlyGround Clothing for yourself at Cincy Chic’s Seasonably Chic Showcase on November 4 but you can look forward to their website launch in 2018 as well as its continued trailblazing in the world of cultural movements.

To learn more about FlyGround Clothing, follow along on Twitter and Instagram.

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