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Gem Steady earrings

The business started on a complete whim. Brittany Cole Stadtmiller, co-owner and designer was living in Atlanta at the time designing clothes with a friend. They began throwing around the idea of making jewelry when her now-husband came into the picture. 

“I told him about our jewelry plans. So, he went out and bought a torch, an ounce of silver, and with zero jewelry making experience the first thing he made was our weddings bands which we used to elope a month and a half later,” says Stadtmiller. They have been making jewelry together ever since.


Their company Gem Steady, which is now based in Cincinnati, has enjoyed much success in its short life. Stadtmiller says they’re finding new inspiration constantly. “In the beginning, we were inspired by the more rough and uncut crystals, organic shapes, and metaphysical properties,” she explains, “but they have since moved on to lusting over the high-end luxury styles.”


Some of their favorite jewels are JAR, Cartier, Kat Florence, Jura, and Bayco, just to name a few. “We still have a ways to go before we are aligned with some of their more influential brands and designers, but I can definitely see us there in the future,” Stadtmiller says. “I want to make pieces that Liz Taylor herself would have worn.”


Gem Steady made its first official online sale in Nov. of 2012, which is when they officially launched their line. Since then, they’ve not only focused on refining their designs, but also client relations. “For me, a huge part of standing out is the customer experience,” Stadtmiller explains.


A one-of-a-kind Gem Steady necklace

About 95 percent of their sales are for one-of-a-kind custom orders, Stadtmiller says. “We’re in direct contact with the clients throughout this entire period,” she says, adding that they brainstorm together, talk about what the client’s vision is, and why they are getting that piece of jewelry made.


“I have a questionable habit of checking my email and social media outlets constantly throughout the day. So, when someone has a question, they usually get a response within just a few hours or even minutes a lot of the time,” says Stadtmiller. “We truly value our clients and their business so making sure they are very well taken care of is my top priority just as well as producing high quality and heirloom-worthy product,”


Stadtmiller has big plans for the future of the business. “Hopefully within the next year, we will have expanded our studio and technologies to make some serious luxury pieces,” she says, adding that her husband makes every single piece by hand. “Which is fantastic, and his talents never cease to amaze me, but this is a very slow process for a one man band,” Stadtmiller laughs.


They hope to get into the art of lost wax casting, which will not only allow them to get our product out the door quicker, but will also help them craft designs on a new level.


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