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Get Trendy

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Many women look to fall as a time to revamp and renew their wardrobe. It’s also a season often cited by designers as a time to showcase some of the best looks of the year. Coats, jackets, scarves, boots, leggings and more have been staples of a past fall wardrobe.


But what about this year? Cincinnati fashion designers have shared their thoughts with Cincy Chic.


082211FASHION2.jpgLindsey Lusignolo:
The first thing, when considering fashion trends of any sort, is to be comfortable and confident. These two "C’s" can break any major fashion trend, or make something you dusted off in the back of your closet look like you just went on a shopping spree at Saks. Fashion should be about how you carry yourself and how the garment fits your body; it’s not always about what you wear, but how you wear it.


With that said, fall does have some interesting turns in the fashion landscape. Silhouettes are rapidly changing and new fads are arising. Shapes from the beloved 60s are approaching, a-line dresses and bell sleeves, as well as our favorite color blocking via Mondrian styles. If that isn’t your thing, make it your own by using your favorite retro-inspired color, like mustard. Prints are making a comeback, including my favorite, polka dots; and don’t be afraid to mix them up for an eclectic style. Other silhouette changes are the wider-leg pant; yes, you can dust off your flares, and midi-length skirts – skirts that hit at the shin-line. Add one of these to your wardrobe, and you will be the trendsetter 1209KROMBHOLZ.gifamongst all your friends. With any new trend, you don’t have to deck yourself out from head to toe: Rather, incorporate pieces in with your existing wardrobe.


Amy Kirchen:
Fall trends that I am seeing are Navajo prints, platform shoes, Jackie O. sunglasses, hobo bags and rose-gold-toned jewelry. Trends are showing lots of mixing and matching unusual colors. Women are truly creating their own signature looks for the fall.


Chris Berre:
Men’s style trends are much less fickle than those of the women’s fashion world. There will be a continued push toward American-inspired workwear: Chambray work shirts, selvage denim, boots, tailored wool pea coats and overcoats with a ship deck nautical feel. The American Prep is still going strong as well, reflecting classic Ivy League style: Tweed
jackets, layered rugby shirts and thick cardigans. What’s nice is this type of classic American style really never goes out of style. Just be careful – don’t overdo it. A few pieces will do just fine. And remember, it is all about fit, not brand name. Invest in a good tailor, like Frank Stavale, Ramualdo or Rosie Kovacs at The Brush Factory, instead of paying top dollar on a label. I think Jonathan Mezibov’s collection nailed it with his rugged western-inspired shirts. At Artfully Disheveled, we are blending these two trends of American ruggedness and Ivy League prep with our "Live Beyond the Boundary" collection.


082211FASHION_edited.jpgJonathan Mezibov:
For fall, traditionally, the colors get deeper and richer and the fabrics more substantial and luxurious. And this season is no exception. I’m looking to motorcycle jackets in brown leather, turtleneck sweaters worn alone or under blazers, braided leather belts, western style and button-front shirts with utilitarian details like flap chest pockets and lots of grey, be it a charcoal suit or tailored wool trousers, worn with bright, seasonal colors like scarlet or purple.


But if I have to choose one big trend for the season, I’d have say a sort of outdoorsy, rugged look – albeit a bit refined – expressed through western wear or alpine-inspired pieces via sweaters, outerwear or boots.