Glasses Guide: Picking the Perfect Pair

Glasses Guide: Picking the Perfect Pair

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If all the options of colors, shapes and sizes have you going cross-eyed, read on as a local guru provides this great guide for finding your perfect pair.

We're offering tips on how to choose the best eye glasses for your face shape.
We’re offering tips on how to choose the best eye glasses for your face shape.

It’s 2015. Gone are the days of glasses-wearers enduring the ridiculous nickname “Four Eyes.” Today, eyewear is viewed as not only a medical device, but a fashion accessory. (Did anyone see the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards?) Celebrities and civilians alike are rocking their eyeglasses as the finishing touch to their outfit, and more and more, people are investing in multiple pairs. Traditionally, eyeglasses are considered a “need” rather than a “want.” To some, shopping for specs may even feel like a grudge purchase. Glasses are tough, and it’s because your decision affects your vision, face and wallet. Picking glasses should be a fun, easy process that leaves you looking, feeling and seeing your best.

Finding the perfect pair of glasses starts with considering your lifestyle and needs. Will you be wearing these mostly at home or work? Can they be wild or should they be more conservative? Ask yourself whether you want people to notice your eyes or your frames first. When picking a color, consider your skin tone, hair color and eye color as well as your wardrobe. When it comes to fit, keep in mind that the width of the frame should equal the width of your head, and the temples should go straight back without stretching to fit. The bridge should contour to the shape of your nose; there should be as little gapping as possible. Finally, be sure your eyes are as centered in the lenses as possible. When picking a shape, it is extremely important to consider your own face shape.

A great general rule of thumb is that the rounder the face, the more angular your frame should be, while more angular face shapes should seek out more rounded frames. What is your face shape and which frames will flatter your face the best?

Oval – An oval face shape means the length of your face is longer than the distance between your cheekbones. Your jawline is more rounded and more narrow than your forehead.
Look for: You’re in luck! Nearly every frame shape will flatter your face shape.

Oblong – Your face is considered oblong if you have a longer face, and your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead are all similar in size.
Look for: Try to find a frame that is deeper (taller) than the average.

Round – If the width of your cheekbones and the length of your face are pretty similar, and your jawline is less defined, your face shape is said to be round.
Look for: A narrow, rectangular frame will suit your face beautifully.

Square – Someone with a square face shape has pretty equal features and a very sharp jawline.
Look for: A narrow frame with slightly rounded edges will work best with a square face shape.

Diamond – A narrow, more pointed chin with wider cheekbones and forehead would make you a diamond face shape.
Look for: To best fit a diamond face shape, look for a frame that is wider at the bottom, and shop around for lighter colors.

Triangle – The opposite of the diamond face shape, if you have a wider jaw and smaller forehead, your face shape would be considered triangular.
Look for: Darker colors will flatter a triangle face shape best. Pair a darker color with a frame that is as wide as the widest part of your face (like a cat-eye), and you will love your look.

When it comes to glasses these days, it’s hard to go wrong. Your options are endless, and whether you’re ordering eyewear in person or online, you are now more prepared than you’ve ever been. Remember to consider your lifestyle, coloring, and face shape, and you’re sure to pick the most perfect pair you’ve ever owned. Glasses are jewelry for your face, and you should embrace your spec’s appeal!