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Leah Spurrier uses her blog as an extension of
her business HighStreet.

For Leah Spurrier, blogging on HighStreetCulture.com is an extension of her business, HighStreet, a downtown-based design studio and lifestyle store.


Blogging, Spurrier says, has been a great complement to the business, creative outlet and connector to others. “There is a sense of kindred-ship, and creative collaboration when you turn people onto the things you love – and they respond to it,” she explains. “HighStreet is very much about that the advancement of visual and cultural intelligence in a climate of creative collaboration.”


HighStreet was created four years ago, co-founded by Matt Knotts and Spurrier, for people who are wild about design. The store, located at 1401 Reading Road, has been featured in The New York Times, on HGTV, and MSN.com, among others.


Spurrier sees blogging as an effective way to stay on-trend and share inspirations. Maintaining a broad exposure, HighStreet views the world in terms of what’s happening in design from a 360 degree view. This covers everything from furniture, print, fashion, periodicals, and pop culture accrediting vendor relationships for the extensive reach.


“We are able to not only supply seemingly, endless options to our customers and clients, but we lay eyes on almost everything aspect of fashion through this work, and can therefore comment on a plethora of relevant topics such as branding, packaging, product development, trend forecasting,” says Spurrier. “We do a good amount of consulting for companies on those fronts based on our knowledge of the industry, and people.”


According to Spurrier, HighStreet is about the beautiful and successful display of individuality and the foundation of the brand is built on being different. What makes it unique is that it provides a sanctuary for self- expression. They do this through developing relationships with fellow designers, architects, and retailers. “We don’t see ourselves as anything but us doing our thing,” says Spurrier. “We wouldn’t imagine that anyone would want to be us or we would want to be anyone else.”


Spurrier and her team contribute posts to the blog. In fact, one of Spurrier’s favorite recent blog posts is the “Style Never Get’s Old – the Iconic Iris Apfel,” written by Katherine Tyznik, editor of the HighStreet Blog.


“This is a pretty beloved post, and the video is divine,” explains Spurrier. “I also found it really rewarding visiting the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, and writing ‘Making it Right in the Lower Ninth Ward.'” Accompanied by Tyznik and husband Michael Spurrier, the trip generated many articles after learning about New Orleans and its culture.


When Spurrier thinks about her favorite part of blogging, collaboration stands out as a motivation along with looking back at past work. “Collaboration makes my world go ’round,” explains Spurrier. “Without peers I respect, and the fun we have working together, the journey would be meaningless.”


In a four year span, the readership base for HighStreet has went global, with an response that provides encouraging statistics. The redesigning of the website, web store and blog is soon to be fully integrated to reinvent the brand’s online image. Keep up-to-date about the redesign, new blog posts and events Facebook Page.