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Hiptobesquare Co-Founders Anne Ilyisnky (right) and Denise Strasser (left)

A love for fiber is in every fiber of Denise Strasser and Anne Ilyisnky’s being. As the visionary for the company, Ilyisnky partnered with Strasser, an experienced fiber designer, to launch Hiptobesquare in November 2011.


“I had experience in fiber design and had previously designed two 36 by 36 silk scarves,” says Strasser. “We merged our creativity and formed a partnership with a catchy name.” When Strasser and Ilyinsky joined forces, they vowed to put one of their pocket squares in every pocket as a sort of “wearable art.”



Since then, they’ve designed and manufactured bold, brightly colored silk and cotton pocket square designs. They also built a comprehensive e-commerce site that features all their designs available for purchase, a blogand their Pinterest inspirations.


“Hiptobesquare creates ‘art for your pocket’ we make one-of-a-kind designs in limited editions so that we can keep the product fresh. Each square is silk-screened with hand-rolled edges,” Strasser says. Offering 21 silk pocket square designs, vintage silk designs and cotton prints, Hiptobesquare prides itself on using silk as their main choice of fiber for the majority of their pocket squares. “Using silk as our fiber of choice allows us to provide exciting designs, beautiful color selections and quality product,” Strasser explains. “We do offer a small collection of hand-dyed cotton squares.”


Though Hiptobesquare is known for making unique pocket squares, Strasser says they also specialize in silk scarves as well. “We just recently introduced a 30 by 30 silk scarf with a pocket square entitled ‘Empowered by Pink’ for the pink ribbon effort,” she says. “A portion of the profit of each of these products will be donated to breast cancer research.”


QR Code scarf, designed by Hiptobesquare

The silk pockets sell for $65, the vintage silks sell for $55 and the cottons range from $15 to $20. “The hope is that our customers appreciate the one-of-a-kind product they have purchased and the conversations they inspire,” Strasser says.


Hiptobesquare is currently offering their “Empowered by Pink” at Isle of Skye Cashmere in Madeira, Pomegranate and Lime in Mariemont and Hunt Club Clothiers in downtown Cincinnati. “We find people love to see and feel the product in person, so we oblige our customers whenever we can,” she explains, adding that they’ll be providing tempting holiday offers and their new square “Blue Horizon” will available in time for the holidays as well.


Strasser hopes that Hiptobesquare will eventually be the name of pocket squares and their scarf ideas will expand as well. “We hope that you will take the time to visit our website and share your thoughts on our products,” she says. To learn more, visit hiptobe-square.com.