How to Start a Trendsetting Fashion Blog with Loyal Followers

How to Start a Trendsetting Fashion Blog with Loyal Followers

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Starting a fashion blog takes more than picking out the right heels to go with your earrings. You need to be able to express your knowledge, know-how, and be the first to recognize upcoming trends. If your friends always ask for advice or steal your style, you’re probably on the right track.

Do you fall asleep thinking about the latest Isaac Mizrahi runway looks or Willi Smith vintage dresses? If so, you may make a marvelous fashion blogger. And why wouldn’t you want to be? Fashion does miraculous things to us. Clothing helps us build our personas and express our personalities. Research actually shows that clothes transform the way you act and how you see yourself.

If you’re looking to impact Cincinnati and the world, consider sharing your advice, opinions, and hottest outfits with an audience of fashion blog readers. Here are five steps to getting you started on the road to a groundbreaking blog with loyal followers and fan.

  1. Curate Your Brand and Choose a Name

All great fashion personalities have their ‘thing.’ While you don’t need to be the next Joan Rivers or be eccentric at all, you want to focus in on what makes your style, taste, and eye unique. Do you have an excellent knack for matching colors or do you find patterns irresistible? Whatever you’re good at, capitalize on it.

Next, name your blog. Naming your blog is like naming a baby, but a with a little more emphasis on sounding memorable. You want the title of your blog and your domain name to be both catchy and straightforward. Make the spelling simple so people aren’t mistaken. Avoid numeric characters, symbols, underscores, and hyphens–these can be difficult to type or spell-out.

As strange as it may sound, avoid the words “fashion” or “style” in your name. These are too expected and kind of boring. Instead, think about that niche you’re filling. How much better does “Plaid and Polka Dots” sound compared to “Jenny’s Fashion Blog”? 

  1. Setup a Fashion-Foward Website

Ok, you have a great name, you’ve thought about your niche, now start building your empire. Well, at least start building your blog. You’ll need to find a hosting service and cross your fingers that your blog name isn’t taken. Then you can register your domain name and design your blog.

Try to find a service that has premade templates so you don’t spend forever trying to figure out how to format your blog. Choose a basic format because once you start adding pictures of outfits or spring collections, you don’t want to clutter the page.

3. Put Your Thoughts into Words

The first part of your website you’ll want to form is your About page. While people may click on one of your posts from a Facebook link, almost every visitor to a blog will click on the “About Us” before committing to reading more than one blog post. Readers also follow people they like or think have interesting perspectives, so make sure you can express what makes you and your fashion aesthetic unique on this page.

Your next focus should be on your first blog post. This will sound strange, but in the future, people will go back and look at your first blog post more than almost anything else you write. So, think of it as an introduction to who you are or the first stone in the foundation of your blog.

4. Keep Your Content Lively and Up-to-Date

What makes blogs different than any other written form is that you can treat the content like a time capsule of what’s going on in fashion rather than a perfectly composed editorial on Pyer Moss.

Be personal and honest in your blog, and your readers will appreciate you for it. Remember that your readers will look for you for expertise. Do some research and be the first to inform your readers of the latest trends or what you can predict for the upcoming season. 

Use plenty of bright images that make sense with the season. You’ll want to post free high-quality love stock images for Valentines Day or wintry images during December. Readers want to know that your blog is current and aware of what’s happening.

5. Promote Your Blog and Share the Love 

Once you have your first post done, you can share your blog with your friends, family, and those fashion-forward people you cross paths with. Don’t be embarrassed to post your hard work on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You have the opportunity to inform others and make the world a bit more beautiful. The better your posts, the more likely your friends will repost what you have to offer. 

You may even gain enough notoriety to enjoy some of the benefits associated with fashion blogging. If you’re trying to get a job in the industry, you can use your blog as a portfolio of your skills and a way to network with other fashion professionals. You can also gain access to some fashion events or make a little money.

So, you’re on your way to fashion blogging greatness. Use your voice to promote worthy causes like Grace B Bold and the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. You have a platform to make a difference and make the world better.

Don’t forget to have some fun and laugh a little at your fashion faux pas. We all have them and they make us lovable and human. Keep your eyes on the runaway and your mind on the future and you’ll do just fine.