Indulge in Ndulj

Indulge in Ndulj

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Bracelets currently available at Ndulj Boutique 

Fashion has always been a fun indulgence for Lindsay Foster. In 2012, she decided to make her indulgent pastime into a profitable profession by launching Ndulj Boutique, a Cincinnati-based online boutique selling clothes and accessories for men, women and children.


“As humans we love to indulje in our favorite things! Whether it be food, clothes, shoes, video games, traveling, etc.,” she explains. “We often find ourselves spoiling and treating ourselves to the things that we love most. With that in mind, I decided to create a business in which I sell things that I, along with many other women, love which is accessories/fashion.”


With that in mind, Foster also used that as the inspiration behind the name of the online boutique. “I thought, ‘Why not call it Ndulj?'” she says, “which is indulje but with a sassy spelling.”


Ndulj, as of right now, is still an online only store. However, Foster says, it may eventually expand into a brick-and-mortar store if the demand for it is there. Currently, Ndulj only carries accessories, but it will soon offer clothing.


What makes Ndulj unique? First and foremost, Foster says, they don’t just cater to women. “We also carry great items for men and children as well, which is unique for many online boutiques” she explains, adding that their prices are also very affordable. “Nothing from Ndulj is over $30, and we have many pop-up sales and specials going on,” Foster says. “Customers can also sign up to receive exclusive offers, discounts, birthday specials and many other deals.”


Foster says she welcomes customer feedback and uses it when buying new inventory for the boutique. To receive updates and promotions for Ndulj, visit online at or “like” them on Facebook.