Jess Me Style

Jess Me Style

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This Cincinnati blogger is sharing her love for Ohio, and Disney, with the world. Learn about her popular blog and the launch of her new website.

Jessica doesn’t fit one particular style when it comes to fashion, so when she decided to launch a blog, she thought a play on words was the best way to come up with a name. 

JessMeStyle is her own way of saying “just my style,” everything her fashion is about. “I just love what I love, and share what inspires me,” she says. “I’m just myself.”

After deciding to take the leap into the blog-o-sphere, Jessica wanted to find a way to share fun, affordable outfits for all seasons and events. 

Additionally, she shares the fun things she does throughout Ohio as she frequents not only Cincinnati, but also Cleveland and Columbus (and she’s an avid Disney fan). 

Jessica grew up in Cincinnati, and her husband is from Cleveland. “When we first started dating while in high school we needed fun places to meet throughout Ohio,” she says. “Sometimes meeting in Columbus, but we also tried to find things to do around our downs of Cleveland and Cincinnati, so we’ve always been doing fun things throughout the state.”

Jessia likes offering up inspiration to her followers, showing them just how much fun they can have right here at home. 

Currently Instagram is where she mainly runs her account from, and she says she’s enjoyed being able to connect with others. In addition to JessMeStyle, she also runs a Disney-themed Instagram where she says she’s also met people who share the same interest.

“I’d say the most rewarding things about my pages is when someone lets you know they checked out the place I recommended and share how much fun they had,” she says. 

Jessica says her favorite post on the blog thus far is the one she shared about her visit to Mentor, Ohio. “It’s such a great beach that many people from Cincinnait wouldn’t have even thought to travel to,” she says.

Jessica is working on finalizing her website, to officially launch JessMeStyle. “I cannot wait to expand on what I share through a blog because you only have so many words that you can share on Instagram,” she says.

You can follow along with JessMestyle on Instagram, where you can find the announcement of her official website launch. You can also check out her Disney-themed page and watch her YouTube channel focused on Disney World and Disney Cruising.