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Just Her Size Consignment

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Just Her Size Consignment specializes in plus size clothing for women

Just Her Size Consignment is a stylish new shop in Western Hills that specializes in plus size clothing for women. Founder and operator Jonathan Fisher grew up around full figured women his entire life. So, when he thought of creating his own store, he knew he wanted to exclusively carry plus sizes.


“Growing up, I saw the different body types of the women in my family and that let me know women have figures of all shapes and sizes,” says Fisher. “Full figured women need more options when it comes to clothing especially in consignment.”


Fisher says his goal is to ensure every full figured woman in Cincinnati has the opportunity to find clothing that fits well, but is also chic and fashion forward.


 Blair, a staffer at Just Her Size Consignment

While the store just opened in February 2013, it’s already attracting customers from downtown Cincinnati, Indiana and Northern Kentucky areas, and the word is spreading quickly, according to Fisher.


Fisher says he prides himself on providing boutique customer service at consignment prices. “The shopping experience caters to the needs of the customers, providing advice about current trends and styles while comprehensive consultations are provided,” he says. “By giving the right amount of support, we hope to help build confidence and relationships so that customers can feel right at home.”


Since opening, the selection at Just Her Size Consignment has already grown to include more than 3,000 items, ranging from accessories, dresses, formal wear, lounge/sleep wear, casual wear, scrubs, athletic wear, maternity clothes and career wear. There’s an assortment of high quality brands at prices you can afford. Sizes range from 14 and up, shoes sizes seven and up and you can find clothing for women taller than average.


Now accepting product for the fall season, Fisher says 60 percent of the proceeds paid to Just Her Size Consignment with 40 percent retained by the customer. “This is a chance for women who love consignment to get gently used clothing in the sizes they need,” he adds. “Now that we’ve given customers a place to consign these sizes word has spread and business is growing at a healthy and steady pace.”


In the future, Fisher plans to open more locations making it easier to access plus sized consignment. In addition to women’s apparel there will be stores that cater to big and tall men and husky kids. Become a consignee and shop plus sizes at 6962 Harrison Ave Cincinnati Ohio 45247. Follow Just Her Size Consignment on Facebook.