Kandid Boutique

Kandid Boutique

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Learn about these locally-based teenage entrepreneurs who recently launched an online boutique with the mantra that dressing well shouldn’t break the bank.

(l-r) Kennedy McDermott and Anna Steffen, co-owners of Kandid Boutique

From jewelry and accessories to tops, bottoms, and dresses, Kandid Boutique has it all. Except for the big price tags. Owners Anna Steffen and Kennedy McDermott believe you can dress your best without breaking the bank, and that’s the inspiration behind their online boutique.

“What makes us different is that we strive to meet the needs of our customers and help style with styling tips and can be more one-on-one,” says Steffen, “as much as we can be via email and our blog.” According to Steffen and McDermott, they believe a woman’s style is personal to her, so her shopping experience should be personal, too.

The idea of running an online-based personal shopping boutique came to fruition after expressing to each other they both had an interest in fashion. From that point forward, they began laying plans for what is now Kandid Boutique.

Kandid Boutique sells bohemian chic style with just the right touch of contemporary.

This duo is not just accomplishing their goals but they are doing it at such a young age, with McDermott only being 17 and Steffen, 18. “We weren’t exactly sure how it all worked, starting a business. We had no prior experience nor have we taken any business classes. We spent months looking up information on what it took to start a business. Even at times feeling like we were in over our heads,” laughs Steffen. “We started this process back in December, but recently just launched the online boutique in March!”

They wanted to choose accessories and apparel that reflected their personal style, so you can find handmade jewelry along with feminine, chic clothing. McDermott describes the styles they sell as a very bohemian chic style, with a touch of contemporary, reaching out to a young female demographic.

A unique spin on this boutique is their selection of handmade jewelry made by jewelry maker, Sherry Steffen. She makes necklaces, earrings, and body jewelry. In fact, the body jewelry carried on www.kandidboutique.com are custom designed for the site.

This young team is excited to show off their new selection for fall that will soon be showcased on their website and social media pages. They plan to leverage their social media savvy to communicate new merchandise and sales to their customers, via Snapchat.

Future plans to grow Kandid Boutique include getting a storefront in their hometown of Northern Kentucky while expanding their shipments across the country. To learn more, visit http://www.kandidboutique.com/.