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Jewelry design by “Mettle,” one of the featured designers on KathamEco.com 

The journey began in Bhutan, 7,500 miles from home. Kathy Hamm, owner of Katham Eco, was traveling through a country where there seemed to be a waterfall diving down from the mountain above around every bend of the road that she shared with walking children, monks in red robes, cows, horses, dogs, goats and more.


“The sacredness of everything was palpable, as if I was wearing special goggles that allowed me to see the energy, tying us all together, radiate from the Bhutanese terrain and all its inhabitants,” recalls Hamm.


Kathy Hamm, owner of Katham Eco

By the time Hamm’s trip was over, she was no longer eating meat. It was not even something that she had to think about. “The girl whose favorite food had always been cheeseburgers was suddenly over it,” she says. “I had gained a consciousness about a ‘spiritual’ level that I had often read about, but now could feel.”


One night, about a year later, Hamm was sitting in bed thinking hard about buying a new designer “it” bag. “The bag was gorgeous and I was ready,” says Hamm. Then, full stop. An epiphany.


“To fulfill my addiction to “fashion”, animals were being mistreated and sacrificed and the earth’s resources were being used up and polluted,” says Hamm. So, for nearly a year, she searched for fabulous accessories and clothing. She found “green” designers, but she could not find a good site that supported and nurtured the newest and truest green designers while also making it possible to find beautiful upscale eco-designs.


She took it upon herself to do just that and launched Katham Eco, with a mission to make it easy for busy women to shop luxury, eco-chic designs. “Now, you can choose to be stylishly sophisticated and to protect our earth’s sacred resources,” Hamm says. “Now it is simple to be chic and to have a positive impact, one luxury at a time.”


Katham Eco highlights many talented eco-conscious designers, such as A Peace Treaty, Mettle, KAYU Designs, and Article 22. “There will be many more designers to come,” says Hamm. “With you, we will make these brave artisans even more successful now that they can be ever more creative. Most of them work on a “made to order” basis. The craftsmanship is high.”


Katham Eco currently offers handbags, jewelry, clothing, scarves, and other accessories. With time and client input, they will broaden the offerings. “Style is energy. When you look good, you feel good and you radiate a glow to those around you,” Hamm says. “You create change just by being yourself.”


In addition, every time Katham Eco connects you to a beautiful product from our designers, one dollar and one percent of profits will be donated to the Katham Eco Charitable Foundation. “The mission of the foundation is to fund scholarships for ‘green’ design students,” Hamm explains, “and to support causes that advance the protection of our environment, animals, and women around the globe.”


For more information on Katham Eco, visit kathameco.com.