Koop Diamond Cutters Black Friday Sale

Koop Diamond Cutters Black Friday Sale

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A local jeweler‘s Black Friday Sale features big discounts (hello, 75% off!) with portion of all sales going to charity. Read on for more.

Koop Diamond Cutters is hosting its annual Black Friday Sale November 29-30. 

This year is set to be better than ever before with items in-store up to 75% off, and an even bigger mission behind the door busting sales: supporting Fighting All Monsters.

“Every year my company donates 5% of all Black Friday weekend sales to a children’s charity,” explains Owner Justin Koop. 

Fighting All Monsters is a locally-based non-profit organization that brings support to families with children who are facing life threatening challenges. 

“We are here to ease the multifaceted and unique burdens of families facing monsters,” the organization’s website says. “A range off family services have been curated to enable us to stand by families physically, financially, and emotionally. We want to offer dream fulfillment for children in treatment, bill assistance, gift giving, community building, and bereavement support for families striving to elicit some happiness and relief in the midst of dark times.”

The Black Friday Sale at Koop Diamond Cutters runs from Friday, November 29, through Saturday, November 30. 

“As always, we will be offering complimentary jewelry inspections and cleanings,” says Koop.

Koop Diamond Cutters is located at 214 E 8th Street in Cincinnati. 

To learn more, visit https://koopdiamondcutters.com or https://www.joinourfam.org