Local Jeweler is a Girl’s Best Friend

Local Jeweler is a Girl’s Best Friend

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But for Loveland resident, Pat Burbee, her jeweler – Krombholz Jewelers – also ranks that high on the friendship totem pole.

When she was 11 years old (a lady never tells her age, but suffice it to say that was several decades ago), she lived near the original Krombholz Jewelers location in Silverton. She would come in the store to peer at everything shiny and sparkly and dream of the day she could have a piece of her own Krombholz jewelry.

That dream came true when her husband bought her engagement ring at Krombholz and1209KROMBHOLZ.gif many subsequent gifts at the shop thereafter. She’s repurposed some of her old jewelry to design new pieces there as well. Today, Burbee says she has more than 50 pieces of jewelry from Krombholz.

 She says she not only loves their quality designs, but she also trusts them. Since she’s been doing business with three generations of Krombholz Jewelery owners, she says she knows her jewelry is in good hands when she leaves it with them.

She said her engagement ring and the necklace she was wearing that she had designed with the current owner of Krombholz, Lee Krombholz, were her two favorite pieces. But, she said with a smile as she looked around the room, "I’m always looking for a new favorite."

Watch the webcast below to learn more about Burbee’s collection of jewelry and why she thinks Krombholz Jewelers is a gem.