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Magical Simplicity

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Life can get complicated. But there’s something magical about the simple every day things that are often overlooked.


That’s why Annie Butler, started her blog called Magical Simplicity. The inspiration behind Butler’s blog, which launched in 2011, came from wanting to bring happiness to people through the web.


In the beginning, Butler knew nothing about blogs. “I didn’t know anyone who had one. I probably didn’t even know what the term stood for,” laughs Butler.


But when her entrepreneurship professor introduced her to Miami Alum Nicole Crimaldi, founder of the popular blog “Ms. Career Girl,” everything changed.

Annie Butler, founder of Magical Simplicity

“I realized how incredible the Internet truly is and that a blog is a place to create whatever you want and develop a community of totally unique people that share something,” says Butler.


She went home that day, and thought about what made her truly happy, and Magical Simplicity was born.


Butler is a day dreaming, fun loving, magic seeking gal. “I bake because I have a very demanding sweet tooth. I work a lot. I’m learning how to balance it all and I love it,” she adds.


Butler has been in Cincinnati her entire life. “It’s so hilarious to look at my first posts and see how I’ve developed as a blogger and as an individual,” says Butler. “I’m certain it will continue to amuse and amaze me for the rest of my Internet life!”


The blog has changed a lot since its inception, Butler says. For instance, she used to only write in lowercase letters and always tried to rhyme.


“I know there are a lot of people out there like me and I know it is really beneficial to come together with those people and talk about what’s going on in life! People inspire people, people!” says Butler.


Butler says she named the blog Magical Simplicity because she wanted to remind herself that magic happens every day. “It is the simple things. It is a cupcake out of the oven. It is a brand new pair of shoes. It is a beautiful sunset,” she explains. “Magic is a state of mind. It is appreciating the tiny things that happen every day. You know them… the ones that put an unconscious smile on your face? Well Magical Simplicity is noticing those things in my own life and inspiring others to do the same.”


Usually, Butler basically writes about what makes her happy. “I love it all,” she laughs. Lately though that seems to have developed into a few more defined categories: Cincinnati; Growing Up; Fashion; and Do It Yourself.


“I write because I love to,” says Butler. “I started Magical Simplicity because someone told me to, but I kept it up because I fell in love. So, I’ll just keep on keeping on, in pursuit of the magic and I can’t wait to see what happens along the way.”


To learn more about Magical Simplicity, visit the website. Also, you can follow along with all the magic at Magical Simplicity’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.