Making a STMT-Statement

Making a STMT-Statement

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Teresa Washington started the new clothing line STMT-Statement

It’s been said that fashion is what you buy, but style is what you do with it. That’s the idea behind Teresa Washington’s new clothing line, STMT-Statement, set to launch its first collection in early 2014.


Washington says the line focuses on helping women find their own style. As the previous owner of Paris J. Boutique in Montgomery, she realized that she wanted to eventually create a brand that would help people see clothing as more than just a collection of material. “Clothing is silent but a very powerful communicator. So, I wanted a strong brand name that people could relate to especially women,” Washington says. “A name that motivates and distinguishes you, defines your authentic self. Basically, you, fully expressed, 100% authentic.”


According to Washington, STMT offers mid-priced, but high quality, essential pieces for women 25 to 45 who need something that can easily transition from day to night. Most of the pieces in STMT’s first collection focus on simple shapes, fun prints and bold colors. “Our pieces are well balanced from the black blazer to a showstopper piece for a special occasion,” Washington says. “Whether it’s a fun print or bold color, no closet is complete without a STMT piece, which is guaranteed to garner compliments.”

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STMT places a strong focus, Washington says, on making every piece in the collection realistic and wearable. “Our brand speaks its own language, whether it’s simplicity or pragmatism, sweetness or joy, the clothes speak with a common vocabulary,” she says.


While Washington began her fashion journey as the owner of Paris J. Boutique, she soon realized running a clothing boutique was more than just loving clothing and shopping. “It was a little intimidating stepping out into the unknown but I focused on all my core strengths,” Washington explains. “I traveled and did all the buying, I handled payroll, managed between six and eight employees, marketing, was involved in all in-store and out of store events. All while being a mother and a wife, which was a juggle at times.”


Washington says she believes she was blessed with a passion for fashion and that it’s her calling to use that talent in a new way through STMT. “I’m a self-taught designer with a natural God-given gift,” she says. “If God has blessed you with a gift or talent, then it’s your responsibility to use it.”


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This time around, Washington says she has a dream team supporting her STMT initiative. “I’ve played Superwoman in the past and had to burn my cape,” Washington laughs. “You must have a team that’s truly passionate and believe in the brand and its success just as much as you do and luckily we have that.”


Washington is anticipating a warm reception when STMT launches it in 2014. “I’m very confident that it will be received well. Come on, what woman doesn’t like to make a statement with the outfit they are wearing?” Washington says. “What I’ve learned is that some women know what their style is while others do not but they have a small inclination of the look they’re trying to achieve and just don’t know how to go about it. Our online store will take the guesswork out of that and offer professional style assistance services for those customers.”


Washington says the focus of her STMT collection will be unique pieces, high style, and affordable prices. “I hope for STMT to eventually be a household name and recognized globally as a brand,” she says. “I’m never closing my mind to anything and seeing potential positives in everything.”


Washington says the line will be unveiled with a STMT VIP Launch Party. To keep updated on the launch, new releases and more, “like” STMT on Facebook or email Washington at