New Year, New Bride

New Year, New Bride

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Newly engaged? Our wedding industry guru shares her top eight tips for making your bridal planning a breeze.


These tips from our wedding columnist will help you get a start on the right foot when it comes to wedding planning.

Just got Engaged? Congratulations! If you plan on getting married in 2018, here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning for your wedding.

If youve either just gotten engaged over the holidays, or you have been planning your 2018 wedding for the past few months, this is going to be a great year full of excitement, anticipation, and probably some stress.  

Just like every bride, you probably have a Ga-zillion things on your to do list in planning for your wedding.  I want to give you just a few tidbits of advice or GOALS” to keep in mind to make this wedding planning process enjoyable and as stress free as possible.

First things First! Book your Wedding Venue!!

As my logical husband always says . . . there are only 52 Saturdays in the year.  If you plan to get married on one of those Saturdays in the prime month for weddings and the prime location, then, chances are, its already booked!  Majority of wedding venues book out at least a year in advance.  But, dont fret!  If you book your wedding on a Friday or Sunday, you sometimes even get a discount on your venue.  See . . . theres always a silver lining in wedding planning 🙂

Have a Plan!

If you are debating on hiring a wedding planner, at least interview a few of them to see what services they offer.  Just from experience in planning my own wedding, hiring the wedding planner was the Absolute Best decision I made, besides, marrying my husband, of course!  If you decide not to hire a wedding planner, you are on your own to create a budget plan and wedding timeline for the months leading up to your wedding.  

Buy your Dress!

January through April is the best time to shop for your wedding gown if you are getting married in 2018.  Do not procrastinate on shopping for your gown just because you still have a few extra pounds you want to lose from the holidays.  Now is the time to shop and buy your gown!  Majority of wedding gown designers time frame to complete a gown and get it to the boutique is at least 6 months!  I know a lot of brides think this is ridiculous, but bridal gowns are not like ready to wear clothes that you purchase at the mall.  A wedding gown is not made until the order is placed.  

At Lace Bridal Couture, we always tell the brides to shop at least 8-12 months prior to the wedding date because gowns can take up to 8 months to arrive in the boutique once the order is placed.  For example, your wedding is in October 2018, your wedding gown may not arrive in the boutique until July or August, if you purchase your gown in January.  This allows just enough time for you to have your gown altered to fit you properly.

Visit a couple of Bridal Shows.

January is peak bridal show season and what better way to get overloaded with more wedding info than to attend a few bridal shows each weekend?  Actually, bridal shows are incredibly helpful for brides who just have no clue in who they want to book for certain aspects of the wedding.  For example, you can find incredible photographers, caterers, DJs, bakers, florists, and bridal stores!  Go to the show with an open mind and an empty stomach… there are always delicious cake samples at the bridal shows 🙂   Speak with the vendors and gather information from all of them.  Then when you go home and go through the brochures and business cards, you can do your homework by visiting their websites, etc.

Book your Photographer!

If you have a certain photographer that you love and admire, book he/she right away!  Just like wedding venues, photographers book up incredibly quickly.  The absolute best way to find a fantastic photographer is to google and read reviews. Then visit the websites of each photographer so you can get a sense of the photography style they incorporate in the wedding photos.

Book your DJ or Band!

Just for the exact same reasons, Djs and Bands book very quickly if they are very popular.  Another great way to pick an awesome DJ or Band is from referrals from friends that have recently gotten married.  They can tell you if the DJ actually played the music the bride and groom requested, and if the DJ or Band had a great personality.

Book other vendors as the planning progresses

Once things are coming along nicely in the planning process, then you need to really narrow down your florist choice, your wedding cake designer, your videographer, etc.  Again . . . if you hire a wedding planner, your planner will assist you in all aspects of finding the best wedding vendors for your once in a lifetime occasion!

Most importantly . . . dont forget about your fiancee!

Make sure that your fiancee is involved in all aspects of the wedding planning so he/she does not feel left out or pushed to the side.  Ensure that the two of you are on the same page as far as how you want your wedding day to look like and feel to you.  This is your once in a lifetime moment together that will begin the next chapter of your lives.  You want to make this planning process as easy and sweet as your love is for each other!

Kelly Hill Bio Kelly Hill is the owner and managing director of Lace Bridal Couture and Love Curvy Bridal boutiques located in the Reading Bridal District in Cincinnati, OH. After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising, Kelly became a veteran of the fashion retail industry with over 20 years experience in retail executive management positions with companies such as: Michael Kors, Talbots, Parisian Department stores and Liz Claiborne. In 2011, Kelly decided to take a leap of faith and open her own boutique. Kelly, along with her husband, Allen, opened “Yours Truly, Kelly” bridal consignment. The bridal consignment business grew so quickly that it allowed Kelly to transition into offering custom designer bridal gowns that were exclusive in the Tri-State area. Lace Bridal Couture was then founded in 2014. Kelly and her amazing team soon found a niche in the bridal market that was not tapped and she recently opened her third boutique, Love Curvy Bridal. Love Curvy caters to the fashionable curvy bride with sizes starting at 16 up to sizes 32. Kelly absolutely loves working with brides and making their dreams come true. She and her staff work tirelessly to ensure that each and every bride who shops her bridal boutiques are treated with the most amazing service and offered the most amazing bridal designs that are not found anywhere in the immediate Tri-State area. Photo by: Greene Peas in a Pod Photography