NU-2-U Consignment Shop

NU-2-U Consignment Shop

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Mary Sampson, store manager of the NU-2-U Boutique
and Consignment Shop in Madisonville

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and for husband-and-wife team Paul and Paula Robinson that also holds true for their brainchild, the NU-2-U Boutique and Consignment Shop.


“We are the store in the community of Madisonville, Ohio, that the community has a need and a want to be open,” says Paula.


Paul and Paula opened their doors for a soft opening on Feb. 26 2012, and then a grand opening was held Mar. 1 2012.


It all started when Paula’s sister Mary – who is now the store manager – called to inform Paula that the consignment store she had worked at for more than 15 years was going to close due to the owner retiring. So, Paula, Mary and Paul decided to talk to the owner of the building and opening NU-2-U.


In addition to physical renovations to the space, Paula says their consignment shop is now different than its predecessor in many ways. “We reach out to homeless shelters and women’s shelters,” Paula adds. “With the community support and many contacts for new customers and consignors we now have a blessed base of both customers and consignors from in and outside the area.”


Paula, Mary and Paul — the “NU-2-U Crew,” as they call it — attributes the success of their store to the community. “We talk to many small business owners for input and building a small support group that they can call and say, ‘Have you tried this for building customers from outside the area?’ or any suggestions on how to find this product or display etc.,” explains Paula.


The store carries a variety of items, including housewares, mens, ladies, scrubs, shoes, purses, jewelry, kid’s clothes and school uniforms. “As you walk through the front door of the store, the first thing you see is a bargain rack,” Paula adds. “On one side you will see a wall of windows allowing you to use natural light as you shop around. In the store front you will see a great display of many items to see inside and from the outside.”


“We have the store divided into different departments for Housewares-Mens- Ladies-Kids-Shoes and purses and a jewelry case along with a large selection of school uniforms, scrubs, and a large selection of many clothes,” says Paula.


NU-2-U is located on 6216 Madison Road in Cincinnati. To learn more, call 513-271-9800 or “like” them on Facebook.