Ohio Dynasty 

Ohio Dynasty 

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Learn about an Ohio-based company that helps you show off your local love in a budget-friendly, fashion-forward way.

Ohio Dynasty is an apparel line for Ohioans created by Lott Carter. 

Carter loved the soft, vintage feeling of tee-shirts, but he hated paying $28-$32 for each tee. So, he did some research, reached out to screening printing companies, and started the line right out of his basement with basically no knowledge of the industry. 

“I honestly talked myself into doing it one more time than I talked myself out of it,” says Carter. “Believe in yourself.”  

Three years later, Carter has sold over 20,000 tees. Besides selling Ohio tee-shirts, Carter is a father of two, teacher, and coach who loves sports and music.

Ohio Dynasty is located out of Marysville, Ohio, but pop-up all over the state. Recently, Ohio Dynasty launched the Dynasty truck which is a mobile store that can hold 5-6 shoppers at a time. Ohio Dynasty also participates in fundraisers, where they will pop-up at an event and donate 20% of sales to that particular cause. They offer private parties where the host gets 10% of sales in free gear. From tailgates, concerts, festivals, you can find Ohio Dynasty all over the state. 

“Our biggest niche is definitely partnering with bars and businesses and offering their customers discounts in the truck!” says Carter, “You basically get the highest quality tees and tanks on the market for a fraction of the price.” 

Prices range from $20 for tee-shirts and $40 for hoodies. Ohio Dynasty plans on launching children’s sizes in the fall. 

“Shopping in the truck is a unique experience in itself with the music going, outside your favorite venues!” Carter adds. 

Book the Dynasty Truck for free by email ohiodynasty1@gmail.com. Find them on Instagram and Facebook. Also use promo code “CINCYCHIC” for 20% off at ohdynasty.com.