Ombré Gallery: Jewelry Edition Volume 3

Ombré Gallery: Jewelry Edition Volume 3

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A traveling art exhibition is making its last stop at a Cincinnati gallery. Learn more about the event and fashionable flair at this local haute hot spot!


Ombre Gallery is the last stop for this traveling jewelry exhibition.

When she launched Ombré Gallery, Jenna Shaifer had one thing in mind: To exhibit vibrant pieces of contemporary art jewelry.

With more than 12 years in experience in the fashion industry, Schaifer decided to launch Ombre Gallery to help contribute to the city’s growing art scene. With a Master’s in the History of the Decorative Arts from the Smithsonian/Corcoran College of Art + Design, Shaifer has the experience for curating and designing art exhibitions.

Schaifer’s first encounter with contemporary art jewelry dates back to her internship at the Smithsonian American History Museum where she worked with the traveling exhibition “Ornament as Art: Avant-Garde Jewelry From The Helen Williams Drutt Collection.”

This encounter, along with a relocation to Cincinnati, helped her to realize exactly what she wanted to do: bring a contemporary art gallery to an artistic city.

Now that her business, Ombre Gallery, has been opened, she continues to bring in vibrant jewelry exhibitions for customers.

Running now through April 16 is the Jewelry Edition Volume 3, a traveling pop-up exhibition that was organized by jewelry artists Kat Cole and Laura Wood.

“The exhibition features the work of mostly early career artists and is a collaboration opportunity for artists to gain exposure through galleries and other venues they may not have otherwise,” explains Schaifer.

Jewelry Edition features eight artists including Laura Wood, Kat Cole, Erin Gardner, Bryan Parnham, Georgina Trevino, Barbara Minor, Lindsay Locatelli, and Anna Johnson.

“The expressive techniques and approach to materials are vast. From the use of powder coat paints to enamels, and cement to gold plated brass, these artists use traditional and non-traditional materials to explore subject matters such as dance, architecture, sustainability, craft, and design through the medium of contemporary art jewelry,” she adds.

Schaifer encourages those interested in seeing the exhibition to stop by any time before it ends on the 16th. But even if you already stopped by the gallery to check it out, she would recommend another visit, as the pieces are for sale so the exhibition is always changing as pieces are purchased from the show.

“This is what makes the opening receptions so exciting,” says Schaifer.

Ombré Gallery is the last stop for this traveling exhibition, so Schaifer says you’ll want to see it while you can.

There are several events coming up at Ombre Gallery throughout the remainder of the year, including:

  • April – Gallery Talk about my trip to Germany for Munich Jewelry Week
  • May – Heidi Lowe Exhibition Opening
  • June – Nikki Couppee Exhibition Opening
  • September – Jill Baker Gower Exhibition Opening
  • October – Katja Toporski Exhibition Opening
  • November – A Multiple Artist Earring Show

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