Ottoman Imports: A Global Bazaar of Fashion

Ottoman Imports: A Global Bazaar of Fashion

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Find pieces from all over the world at Ottoman Imports, based in Mainstrasse Village

Wouldn’t it be great to travel the world and stock your wardrobe with the fab fashions you find along the way? If you don’t happen to have unlimited time and funds to do just that, you may want to check out Ottoman Imports instead.


Located in the historic Mainstrasse Village of Covington, you’ll find what the owners call “a global bazaar of fashion from all over the world.” From hand-beaded bags and clothing ranging from casual to evening, jewelry made from semi-precious stones in unique settings for any occasion, to scarves woven from the world’s most unique fibers and fabrics.


According to Kim Maius, owner of Ottoman Imports, Ottoman Imports has traveled the world in search of what is new and unique in clothing, jewelry and accessories since opening in 2005. Their journey started in Istanbul, the former Ottoman Empire, importing deluxe silks and luxurious pashminas. “Today the trek continues throughout Southeast Asia, where we personally select clothing, jewelry, scarves and handbags,” adds Maius.


Ottoman Imports mission is to bring you the latest designs, the most wonderful quality and unique, limited-quantity fashions at very affordable prices.


“We spend January and February shopping and close the store during that time,” says Maius. “The remainder of the year, you will find us in our store.”



What makes them unique? According to Maius, not only do they have a variety of items available, but they hand-select every item from overseas. She adds that they truly enjoy those months of shopping to travel, be inspired and hand-pick each item.


“This allows us to offer items no one has in this area and as we cut out the middle man, we are able to offer affordable pricing, she explains.


In the future, Maius expects to expand the business with an ecommerce site so they can reach individuals outside of the Tri-State.


Using social media to market their items is a huge way that a lot of businesses are expanding.


To learn more, visit their website, or “like” them on Facebook.