Pauir Athletic Apparel

Pauir Athletic Apparel

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Jamie Hoffpauir, Founder of Pauir Atheltic Apparel

When personal trainer Jamie Hoffpauir was diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago, she decided to not let it change her healthy lifestyle. However, she quickly realized there was a lack of options for workout gear that allowed her to stay fit while going through treatments and her healing process.


“There was a profound absence of workout wear that accommodated what we breast cancer fighters face in terms of functionality and fit,” says Hoffpauir.


After undergoing multiple treatments and surgeries to combat the cancer – all while staying physically active – Hoffpauir’s battle was just beginning. “The limited range in my shoulder after surgery made it very difficult to put clothes on,” she recalls. Plus, Hoffpauir was expecting her second child. Motivated by her own personal struggles, Hoffpauir decided to make it a personal mission to give other fighters the tools they needed to improve both physically and mentally.


While visiting a Scar Project event, Hoffpauir explains, “I was inspired by the event and loved the raw beauty of the whole thing.” This provided the blueprint for a product that would encourage people to view those battling cancer as “fighters” rather than “survivors”.


“The vision translated into active wear that accommodates, activates and inspires those who live with breast cancer,” Hoffpauir says. “I wanted to create something for people like me that would be functional and fashionable.”


That’s when the idea for Pauir Athletic Apparel was born. The line’s initial design will be a tank top that can be worn by anyone and is designed to accommodate both supporters of the cause and those who are recovering from a breast cancer surgery. “Every time you put it on, you feel strong, you feel like yourself, and you’re not hiding from being sick,” says Hoffpauir. “The design of the tank top will make it attractive and easy to wear.”


Currently, the first Pauir Athletic Apparel tank top has been developed and is undergoing final modifications. Hoffpauir says it’s scheduled to be released by August or September 2014.


“The first thing people will notice is that this product is very different from current projects,” Hoffpauir says. “Rather than categorizing all breast cancer fighters under one color, supporters are free to celebrate their individuality. The main concentration for the line is to focus on the woman as an individual, and help her reach in.” For more information about Pauir Athletic Apparel and the release of their first design, contact Hoffpauir at 859-802-2354.