Pedigree Consignments

Pedigree Consignments

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Paul McCartney once said, “You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.”


That’s what makes Pedigree Consignments so special. It’s your typical consignment shop — stocked with clothing, accessories and house wears — but with a very pet-friendly cause. All net proceeds benefit United Coalition for Animals (UCAN), a non-profit spay/neuter clinic for cats and dogs, whose mission is to end pet overpopulation.


Pedigree Consignments was launched 10 years ago by an animal-loving group of people who had goal of opening an inexpensive spay/neuter store. They knew this would be hard to do because of the large amounts of requirements and regulations, so they decided to open a consignment shop instead.


They wanted to open consignment shop that would be donated by the public or consigned by the public and would be run by volunteers only. They chose to donate all net proceeds to UCAN because its mission is to provide high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter services to decrease the number of dogs and cats unnecessarily put to death in Greater Cincinnati shelters every year.


“We are not a shelter, or a foster, or a rescue, just a retail store that sells goods for your home to make money to run the UCAN clinic,” says Sharon Hattersley, a member of the Pedigree Operations Committee of UCAN.


According to Hattersley, Pedigree is Cincinnati’s premier nonprofit consignment shop. “While the inventory of the store is ever-changing, the quality isn’t,” she explains. “Pedigree sells furniture, home accessories, handbags, antiques, artwork, and fine jewelry that we believe is middle to high quality.” You will always find one-of-a-kind pieces at the shop, she adds, with many pieces from top manufacturers at a fraction of the original retail cost.


“We get a little bit of everything and it all goes pretty quickly,” says Hattersley. “If you go in on a Monday and then go in on that same Friday you won’t see a lot of the same items.”


After a successful 10 years in business, Pedigree Consignments is now helping UCAN expand their clinical facility. The clinic they are at is currently located in the Queensgate area, but by next year they will be located in Camp Washington.


“We were able to get a grant from the Joanie Bernard Foundation, the founder of which who was a lover of cats,” says Hattersley. “With the grant we have been able to purchase our own building, which will allow us to expand our clinic.”


In the old space, they could only employ two veterinarians. “With 60,000 animals coming in and out of the clinic every month, it definitely has taken its toll on the vets,” she says. “The new building is a larger space and will allow us to expand our surgery center, expand the parking lot, and employ more vets.” The renovation on the building is expected to be finished in the early fall.


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