Personalized “Off The Path” Jewelry

Personalized “Off The Path” Jewelry

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Socialize and accessorize at Stampin’ Off The Path in Symmes Township

Friends, wine and fashion. If these are among some of your favorite things, you’re in luck.


Carissa Barbee recently launched Stampin’ Off The Path, a jewelry shop in Symmes Township where you can personalize your pieces while socializing with friends.


This journey all started several years ago when Barbee walked away from her attorney career to stay at home and take care of her two children. That’s when discovered her passion for jewelry. She later turned that passion into a part-time profession as she launched an online jewelry store called “The Silver Diva.”


As her kids got older and Barbee found more time to expand her business, she realized that she wanted to offer something less expensive, more personalized, and unique — “off the path” if you will — than what she currently offered The Silver Diva clients. That’s what led her to launch Stampin’ Off The Path (SOTP) in November 2013.


This concept allows clients to personalize their own jewelry by choosing from the variety of designs Barbee offers or by stamping their very own designs on their jewelry. “We decided to open a retail store where you can come and stamp your own jewelry — no experience necessary and always free unlimited instruction,” Barbee says. “Our store also has a retail section where you can order something for our stamping experts to make for you.”


Not only does SOTP provide a fun and creative outlet for clients to create personalized accessories for their loved ones, it also enjoys the title of being the only hand stamping jewelry studio in the country, according to Barbee. SOTP products are offered in their store in Symmes Township and are also available online for purchase. Ages 6 and up can participate in hand stamping their own unique piece.


You can personalize accessories for you or loved ones at
Stampin’ Off The Path.

“The art of hand stamping involves striking metal with steel stamps that have letters or designs on the end with a hammer into metal. You come into the studio and get free instruction to learn how to do it,” she says, “After your piece has been stamped, we finish the jewelry and assemble it for you to pick back up or mail anywhere you wish.”


Barbee’s personalized jewelry line offers everything from hand stamped necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and key chains to men’s cufflinks, men’s money clips, men’s tie bars, bookmarks, drink tags, napkin rings and holiday ornaments. All products can be made in sterling, aluminum and copper and range in cost from $3 to $60.


Thus far, both of Barbee’s jewelry businesses are booming, and have even been promoted by big names such as Good Morning America and Groupon Seattle.


“Everyone thinks it’s a fantastic idea to be able to come in and do your own hand stamping. It’s kind of like the paint your own pottery places, but with jewelry,” Barbee explains. “The ability to put your own personal names, dates or sayings on jewelry is the ultimate creativity! The parties we offer are really fun for scouting events, birthday parties, lady’s night out, showers and date nights. It’s something unique that no one else is doing!”

Stampin’ Off The Path is located at
12141 Royal Point Drive in Symmes Township.


SOTP, according to Barbee, continues to inspire their clients with their jewelry because the clients are able to make the jewelry with love and their own two hands. “We have been moved to tears by the fun stories from our clients,” Barbee says. “Whether it’s a new baby boy on the way and the mom is getting a new piece of jewelry to a beloved grandma who is getting a birthstone necklace with the names and birthstones of all her grandchildren.”


Barbee hopes that she can be a part of putting hand stamping jewelry studios in every city across the country so that people everywhere can enjoy creating their own personalized keepsakes. To learn more about SOTP, visit or visit in person at 12141 Royal Point Drive in Symmes Township.