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Pet Passions and Fashions

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Kim Lautman, founder of Pet Passions and Fashions and her golden doodle puppy Lily

Kim Lautman’s golden doodle pupply, Lily, is a true G.E.M. Not only because Lily is a Genetically Engineered Mutt, but also because she is the genesis of Pet Passions and Fashions, a locally-based online store selling pet-friendly products.

Lautman launched the e-commerce site in May after realizing how many preservatives and unhealthy ingredients are in most store-bought foods and treats. “The shelf life of a can of dog treats can be three years,” says Lautman. “I decided that I didn’t want to make her food, but I could make her treats.”

She not only made treats for Lily, Kim started to make treats for her pet-loving friends. Her friends said their dogs loved the treats and encouraged her to sell them to the masses.

“I wanted to produce a quality product, which is why I use human grade ingredients and make the treats in small batches in my home kitchen,” explains Lautman.

The same thing happened with the “fashions” side of her business. She was frustrated with paying for over-priced, cheaply-made products that weren’t made in America. “It was easier for me to just make my own,” says Lautman. “Since I make all the fashions, I can make things to fit each dog. Just like humans, one size doesn’t always fit each breed.”

She currently has a complete line of dog cookies and some specialty items, such as buckeyes and cupcakes. In the fashion line, she has bandannas, capes, bibs, coats, sweatshirts, hoodies etc. She also sells blankets, bows, harnesses, leashes, hats and a handful of Halloween costumes.

In addition, Lautman sells puppy shampoo, “since again, all the commercial shampoos have ingredients that really aren’t necessary” she says. Lautman also carries dog toys and cat toys filled with organic cat nip.

In the future, Lautman will offer more personalization to the items you purchase on her site, as she recently purchased an embroidery machine. “I also am in the middle of working on gluten free treats,” she says. “There are dogs with gluten allergies, but the ingredients used to make gluten free are expensive and I want to keep my treats affordable.” PetPassionsFashionsISA

While she puts a lot of research into her dog cookies – she says she’s now best friends with her vet – Lautman also has a lot of fun making the products. “I make most of my cookies and cupcakes heart shaped, not bone shaped like you see everywhere,” she says. “There is a lot of laughter in my kitchen when we are making up a new recipe and need a name, like ‘snicker poodles.'”

Lily is ultimately the litmus test before anything hits the virtual shelves at Pet Passions and Fashions. “Lily is our official tester,” says Lautman. “That was how I learned the treats weren’t as fresh out of the freezer. I gave her a bacon treat that had been frozen, she refused it. Then, I handed her a freshly made one and she quickly ate it.” So, today, Lautman only sells fresh treats that have never been frozen.

Lily is also the company’s fashion muse. “She is fun to dress up because she is very fuzzy and very laid back,” says Lautman. “She hangs out with me in my sewing room, so I use her as a model when I making things.”

To learn more about Pet Passions and Fashions, visit them online and check them out at the Sept. 27 Cincy Chic Pet Fashion Show, where they will be a featured vendor. Use the code PET for free access into the event ($10 value!).

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