Polka Dots & Pleats: New Year, More Stylish You

Polka Dots & Pleats: New Year, More Stylish You

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My Polka Dots & Pleats blog started three years ago as my resolution. I was determined to convert from a consumer to a prosumer of content. Standing there in front of a closet full of clothes uninspired to get dressed, I took a step towards a more stylish self.


How many of us have ever been faced with the timeless dilemma of having “nothing” to wear? Start by waking up every morning and wearing the best version of yourself. Let’s agree that style is an expression, not definition of self. In reality you probably have plenty to wear but haven’t uncovered new looks with existing pieces. Here are a few suggestions to ramp up your style in 2015.


Define your own personal style and flatter your figure.
Whether your personal style is classic, chic, or glam, know what flatters your figure and shop for these pieces. Fit always trumps trend. Identify and highlight your best feature. Focus on what you want to draw attention to instead of what you are trying to hide. For example, I wear pencil skirts and dresses with patterned tights to draw attention to my legs. Select earrings that compliment your eye color or tops that highlight your curves.


Remix your wardrobe.
If your closet were a store, would you shop there? Shopping your closet begins with organization. Donate items that no longer fit or you dislike. Dress for Success is a great way to give back while accomplishing this goal! Next, select 3 items that need more love and style a look around each one. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to match as long as you have a similar color concept or balance of prints. Mix it into your wardrobe in a new way. Your plaid scarf goes with much more than just your black dress. Try it with a chunky sweater, chambray shirt, bright blazer, studded sweatshirt or white blouse. Tie it in a different way or layer it with a necklace.


Finally, take a trip to the mall.
You caught me! I typically advocate for online shopping because it’s more convenient. But every season, you need to put on some comfy shoes and physically go shopping. Update your collection by selecting a few new items to add to your wardrobe. January is an amazing time to find deals on winter wear. Look for anything in marsala (Pantone’s color of the year) which is similar to a red wine. Good buys include: faux-leather ANYTHING, sheer tops and statement clutches.


Most importantly, have fun with fashion by wearing sparkly jewelry, incorporating prints, and experimenting with color. When in doubt, add one extra texture or detail to your look.


Still lacking inspiration? Join Pinterest or Instagram to follow fashion bloggers who share style tips and daily wears. Determine your favorite store and study their style via the website, catalog, and mannequins. Ideas are all around so you never have to fret about what to wear again!