Polka Dots & Pleats: The Perfect Pair

Polka Dots & Pleats: The Perfect Pair

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Polka dota & pleats and leater & plaid are go-to favorites.

Contemporary style enables you to mix and match many combinations to find the perfect pair. Before I started blogging, I spent quite a bit of time fretting over whether or not my outfit matched. Now I realize that anything goes and the trick is really finding a good balance of color, texture, and prints. When styling a look, consider partnering fitted with flowy and deals with designer pieces. Looking for a little inspiration? Here are some of my “go-to” favorites:


Polka Dots & Pleats
Since naming my blog after this perfect pair, you see various combinations of both. Big or small, polka dots exemplify preppy yet whimsical attire. Pleated skirts are a great option this season especially if you can find one that looks like leather. Wearing them together is a great option for brunch with the girls.


Leather & Plaid
Vegan leather is EVERYWHERE for fall. It’s tough to walk through the mall without seeing a leather sleeve, jacket or trim. Mix this look with plaid for a cozy yet sophisticated combination. Look chic while enjoying a fall bonfire and continue sporting it into the frigid winter (which none of us are ready to even think about, right?). Leather and plaid works well for the office and can easily be dressed down for weekend wear. Stick with classic prints when buying plaid such as buffalo checks or tartan. Both are super in style now but the fashion forecast suggests they will last several seasons.


Stripes & Floral
You might be thinking that this combo is too loud for your taste. Think again, take a risk and have a little fun. You probably already have both in your closet. If do you plan to wear two prints together, make sure one is delicate and the other one is bold. For example, wear skinny stripes with large floral print or small floral with wider stripes. Look for fall floral fabrics including pants, scarves, jackets, and dresses. Select darker hues to avoid looking like you’re hanging on to summer.


Now it’s your turn! Go ahead and try a few of these pairings. Let us know how it goes. When you’re ready for more inspiration, follow me on Facebook at Polka Dots & Pleats. I look forward to partnering with you on this fashion journey.