Polka Dots & Pleats: Big Hair, Don’t Care

Polka Dots & Pleats: Big Hair, Don’t Care

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Our fashion columnist survived Beauty Basic Training to bring back these tips for finishing your look with the right hairstyle and makeup.

Our fashion columnist, Megan Stacey, shares tips on how to perfect your makeup and hairstyle.

Have any of you ever experienced a bad hair day? Or bags under your eyes that are far from designer? Lately with a very active lifestyle, while styling outfits is second nature, beauty basics are complex, Enter Zephyr Blowout Salon to save the day! When I heard about their Beauty Basic Training event, I knew it was just the refresh this mama needed to brush up the rest of my look. Here are a few lessons learned.

Set What You Want to Get
The team at Zephyr was super helpful and patient with a novice like me. During this fun tutorial, I learned that to achieve the Victoria Secret model curls that I desire, it takes technique. They taught me the best way to curl my hair including making sure it is completely dry. I mean absolutely, 100% no moisture and then setting as well as spraying the curls. This experience taught me to give styling another try and not settle for the same plain Jane look every day. I enjoyed practicing at home all the lessons learned.


Like any artist, you need the right tools to achieve your desired results. The ladies at Zephyr helped me figured out how to select and use the right styling tools.
Here are a few tips I learned:
• Use giant Velcro curlers to add volume at your crown.
• When you use a teasing comb, brush down then away.
• Avoid bobby pins when setting curls because it will leave a kink.

Makeup a Reason to Treat Yourself
Along with a hair tutorial, I also received makeup training by Trish McEvoy’s Nordstrom stylists. If you have never done this, visit their makeup counter to experiment with different colors and techniques. Your makeup can serve as a compliment to your features and personal style. Adding a little smoky shadow to your eye can transition a look from daytime to evening. Using a little concealer under your eyes can make you look 10 years younger. And adding color to your lip, brightens your face and accentuates your smile.

Overall, I thrived in Beauty Basic training and am so grateful to Zephyr for providing the 101 version for me. Visit their chic blowout bar in Oakley to find the right do to compliment your personal style.