Polka Dots & Pleats: Mom’s Night Out

Polka Dots & Pleats: Mom’s Night Out

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Think you’ve out-aged crop tops and rompers? Think again. Our fashion columnist shows us how to wear these trends with age-appropriate style.

Remember in your younger years when you spent the entire week planning your outfit for Friday and Saturday night? If you’re like me with a busy lifestyle, working and caring for kiddos, those days are long behind you. Here are a few tips to look stylish for a GNO. I typically suggest saving ultra-trendy looks for the girls since it is wasted on date night.

Crop Tops
Get back up from your initial shock of this suggestion before you become “fashion roadkill”! Yes, you can wear a crop top even if you don’t want to flaunt your midriff. How? There are two options if you want to rock this trend without showing off your bellybutton.

• First, wear high-waisted skirts or skinny pants. If you bring your waistline up, you can wear crop tops without showing any skin.

• The second option is to wear a button down underneath so you have a cute layered look. This allows you to participate in some print play as well.


Rompers & Jumpsuits
Think onesies are only for babies? Think again. I spent months trying on strapless jumpsuits and patterned rompers.

Conclusion: Keep it simple and find a flattering cut for your figure. I opted for a basic black number from The Loft. They carry several options that are more sophisticated than a quick stop at Forever 21. You can dress it up with accessories. If you’re going to experiment with these pieces, I’d suggest wearing heels to lengthen the look. Can’t wait to transition it into Fall with a scarf, booties and jean jacket.

Moto Jackets
This is a classic staple for your wardrobe this season. It can be worn with jeans or over dresses. Layer a moto jacket over your favorite work dress for a weekend ready look. Moto jackets are available in several colors and materials. Most popular would be pleather. Be sure to buy one that looks similar to real leather. Colors in vogue this season include blush and olive to mix it up from the standard black or brown.

092815STYLE3Rent The Runway
Why go out and buy something to wear for one night out? Search RTR for a fun option. You only need to order it a few days in advance and they will send you two sizes. Try to stick with brands or styles that you know look good on you so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. They have a lot of affordable options under $50.


No matter what you wear, be sure to relax and have a good time. Spend your GNO with ladies who add value to your life. Worry less about what you are wearing and more about laughing.