Positively Beautiful Fashion Photo-Shoot Camp

Positively Beautiful Fashion Photo-Shoot Camp

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A Cincinnati-based personal stylist hosts her annual style summer camp to teach growing girls about true beauty and confidence. Read on for more.

Nora Fink offers local teens the chance to experiment with their own style and build confidence through her Positively Beautiful Fashion Photo Shoot Camp.

Nora Fink says beauty is all about having fun, looking good and feeling better. As a personal stylist for the past decade, Fink believes style is eternal and about feeling your best. 

“Personally, I prefer living beautifully rather than being beautiful,” Fink says. 

Whether you need help with make-up, wardrobe advice, styling for photo-shoots, or a boost in style or confidence, Fink can help with it all. 

“It is the career I was always destined to do, although I never actually chose to do it,” says Fink. “The universe kept sending me opportunity after opportunity until it grew into what it is today!”

Fink has used her insight and experience to style commercials, photo-shoots, help private clients, and also started her own summer style camps for girls of all ages. 

“We have a saying – ‘It’s never just about the clothes.’ Being a personal stylist is about helping people visually represent whothey are inside and out,” she says.

As a former camp counselor as well, Fink created her very own style camp for teens. She and her assistant Melissa Ohntrup have put on the Positively Beautiful Fashion Photo Shoot Camp to allow girls of all ages to experiment with their own style and build confidence. The camp was first brought to life six years ago and has continued every summer.

“Some of our clients who are mothers asked us to put something together for girls,” Fink explains. “I wanted to teach them about styling in a way that wasn’t so focused on themselves, but rather on the process from concept to completion of creating a professional photo shoot.”

The next camps will be held this summer.


The camp provides resources and guidance for girls to produce their own photo shoot of themselves. They are given the opportunity to create a style board to picking their location and everything else that goes into the creative process. 

“On the final night of camp, a professional photographer will come to photograph the girls as they make their photo shoot vision come to life,” she says, “in order to give everyone an authentic, hands-on experience, this camp is limited to six girls per session.”

Part of the camp also includes step-by-step age appropriate make-up, hair and styling advice, taught by Fink herself.

This summer the camp will be held for two weeks in June; one week for two different age groups. Girls ages 10-13 can sign up for the camp for June 11-15, and girls ages 14-18 can sign up for the week of June 18-22. Tuition is $235 per week and includes snacks, drinks, supplies and all images from the photo-shoot. 

The biggest take away from these camps is that girls walk away more confident in their own ideas and visions. 

“You can be the smartest, kindness or most creative person in the room and no one will ever know if you don’t have the confidence to share it,” Fink says. “In any part of life, you can’t sell your ideas if you cannot communicate them with eloquence and confidence.”

For questions or more information on Fink’s services or the style camp, you can visit her website or call (513) 708-6796.