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A group of local women launched an up-and-coming studio that produces thoughtfully handcrafted products like no other. Read on for all the designer details.


Pull Club is a design ad printmaking studio in Camp Washington and focuses on bright colors and patterns.

Pull Club is a design and printmaking studio based in Camp Washington, Cincinnati. The studio focuses on bright colors and patterns which are applied to textiles and then transformed into household items that bring joy to everyday living.

Pull Club also makes designs for home decor items.

Pull Club is own and run by three women: Linda Winder, Amy Scarpello, and Chelsey Hughes. The name itself comes from the act of screen printing wherein one “pulls” a print by pressing ink through a tight mesh screen. The women also wanted the name to be something that referred to them being more than one maker/owner and “club” seemed the right fit for their vibe.

Pull Club was created after the women realized how much they missed having a space that allowed them to print and create.

“The initial idea was to just get a shared studio and maybe collaborate on some items. The concept snow balled from there,” says Scarpello.

It snowballed so much that Pull Club now works on not only their own collections, but also making prints for clients.

“We’ve done a number of projects where we are provided with a design to execute in print, which can be a fun challenge. For example, we turned a painting by Chase Melendez into a screen print last year for Wave Pool,” she explains. “This was a challenge because we had to first recreate the painting digitally then process the digital version to retain the original feel of the painting.”

From undergarments to paper prints, Pull Club hopes to be a go-do print studio.

They also produce collections in the studio, Scarpello says. “We create new items and patterns each season and use colors that embody how we feel about that time of year,” she adds. “For collections, we typically have a series of meeting with all of us bringing different ideas to the table. We talk through what we all love and what we think will have a broad appeal and fit the personality of Pull Club. Then we narrow it down to what we have time and means to produce. We try to be really smart with our design and color palettes and work with images that can become any number of items or designs that can be reimagined in a different season.”

Although paper prints are in their expertise, Pull Club does the most with textile printmaking; they feel it has so much versatility and endless possibilities.

Though printmaking has endless possibilities, it also can come with endless challenges. However, while those challenges can be frustrating at times, the women believe working through them is such a rewarding feeling.

“The moment you pull that print off the press, you forget about all that frustration. You gain experience through every print and you get to take that into your next project,” Scarpello says. “We’re always evolving as printers and that keeps us excited every time step to the press.”

If it can be printed on, Pull Club will print on it.

Their evolution has not only helped them with experience, but also with their customer base. Pull Club has grown over the last two years very organically, always sharing what they do or are working on when they are out and about. Those conversations then tend to lead to new clients for both commercial print, design work, and the product line.

Continuing that growth in the upcoming month, customers can find Pull Club at local craft and artisan markets including the Wave Pool: Car Wash and City Flea on August 19 and the OFF Market on August 26.

As for what’s further on the horizon, Pull Club is happy to announce their exciting process of expanding the physical studio space along with adding a permanent set up for yardage printing, both allowing the ability to host more workshops in the future!

To stay up to date with the latest about Pull Club, visit http://www.pullclubstudio.com/ or follow along on Instagram.