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Ready Set Sew

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Learn about a local company that hand-crafts bags that are useful, creative and personalized with the color, fabric and size of your choice.


Ready, Set, Sew creates useful and stylish handmade accessory bags.

Ready Set Sew is a company that creates useful and stylish handmade accessory bags. Best known for their use of colorful fabrics, the company uses unique patterns to sew the bags and locally source the fabric whenever possible.

The company itself is a partnership between Lonna Hill and Megan Marshall, two friends who created the company out of a love for colors and fabric. The original product that got them going was conceptualized by a need for a useful and fun pencil bag for a 4th grader (more on that to come).

“We are a small local business run by two women who love to create something useful, creative, and personalize. We take great care in selecting fabric with unique colors and patterns that make a bag special,” says Hill.

Each bag is personally touched by Hill or Marshall and can be personalized using monogramed names or sayings. With that said, their most popular bag by far is the “Every Little Thing” bag which allows customers to use it for exactly what one would think: every little thing! Not only is it their most popular bag, but was also their first creation.

“We love it and love making it. I made the first bag during a sewing class with my daughter who used it for school supplies. When her friends saw it, they started asking where she got it and the rest is history,” says Hill.

Aside from that bag, Ready Set Sew also has collections of wristlets, make-up bags, and even miniature bags (think coin purses). Each bag is always personalized and can even fit to a theme. In the past they have created bridal shower wristlets, theme party bags, nail party giveaways, nesting bags for teacher gifts, goody bags for birthday parties and graduation sets. Customers are only limited by their imagination.

The “Ready Set Sew” name shows the brand’s fearless ambition to provide a functional and attractive product, says Hill, adding that it represents a challenge for them to be unafraid and to keep moving forward, almost like the saying “ready, set, go!”  

According to Hill, most of their business is generated through bags that have been firsthand designed and created by Lonna and Megan however they have taken fabric suggestions from customers.

“We just added a sports and superhero line of bags. However, we like to keep our fabric pairings unique and unexpected. Every bag can be personalized and every bag has a coordinated inner fabric that gives to a little surprise when you unzip them. Customers always get a cute smile when they look inside the bag!” says Hill.

Seeing that smile from a customer is among Hill and Marshall’s favorite part of running Ready Set Sew. That plus being able to choose fabric and do craft shows, all makes them feel incredibly lucky to have a job they love.

Ready Set Sew is a business driven by the personal touch. Almost all sales are done through personal messages and contacts which is why most of their customers come via word of mouth.

“We think this is the best recommendation. We have a presence on Facebook and Instagram to keep customers up to date on our latest creations and ideas. We also do local and pop up shows. The best way to get in contact with us is directly through Facebook, Instagram, phone or text,” says Hill.

As for what customers and fans can look forward to in the future, Hill says you can stay tuned via Ready Set Sew’s Facebook and Instagram for several craft shows coming up starting in October.