Recycle This!

Recycle This!

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Amy Gable’s new clothing line, Recycle This!, features “upcycled” designs


If you love fashion, shopping local and going green, check out Amy Gable’s new clothing collection, “Recycle This!”.


Inspiration for her creations comes from the colors and textures of the fabrics she finds. Once she sets her sights on that perfect piece, she goes for it and sews until her heart’s content. Plus, sewing is one of her favorite activities, so it doesn’t hurt that she’s really good at it.


“When I find something I like, my mind starts spinning as to what to make,” she explains. “When I’m at shows I really enjoy the kids coming up and getting excited about the clothes they see at my booth, and being able to tell them I sewed it.”


Currently, Gable is developing her own children’s clothing line, for which she’ll use her own designs that are crafted from up-cycled fabrics and redesigned into clothes that are one-of-a-kind and conversation starters.


“What was once a curtain, bed skirt, sheet, upholster fabrics, are hanging on hangers at Goodwill or lying around someone’s house are now wearable children’s clothes,” Gable says.


Because her work is up-cycled, once a fabric has been used, it’s gone. So, that means her items are not only hand-crafted and original, but it also means that each design is exclusive and you’ll never see another kid wearing one like it.


Also, these items perk up your wee one’s wardrobe while still going easy on the pocketbook. Gable says hair bows are as low as $2, while jackets and sweaters are $20.


Gable’s dreams for the future are big. She wants to get her name out to the community and show them just what she can do when it comes to making children look stylish in up-cycled clothing. This fall and winter, she hopes to launch the brand by getting involved in various expos and events, such as the Cincinnati Mini Markers Faire.