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Repeat Styles

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A local boutique is focused on curating looks you’ll want to keep wearing (and wearing and wearing). Read on for more.

Ever have a favorite outfit you wish you could wear every day? Those are the types of pieces Courtney O’Bryan aims to curate for her boutique Repeat Styles.

“Repeat is essentially a shop, as well as a lifestyle brand. For now, we currently sell our items online and at pop up events,” says O’Bryan, founder of Cincinnati-based Repeat Styles. “I don’t like to have a clear definition on what Repeat is because I like for the brand to adapt with us and those who love it as we continuously grow together. We like to offer style inspiration to others because they enjoy it as do we.”

The inspiration behind starting the business came from her love of visuals. “I’ve always had a natural draw to anything visually appealing to me, which has led me to become an avid shopper collecting clothing and accessories that I felt expressed myself. As I see big retailers crumble and expensive designer labels defining whether someone has good style or not, I felt that I would be able to help people attain style and confidence in a fun, affordable way. I’m very serious about making my items affordable to just about anyone,” O’Bryan says. “I have a nice range of pricing on amazing items that I have hand selected that can satisfy any shopper. I want people to know they can rely on Repeat to be their go to destination to find unique staple pieces that reflect their own style and know that they didn’t waste their time or money on a hyped-up item they will forget about in a week.”

Repeat Styles will be a vendor at the upcoming O.F.F. Market’s monthly marketplace that takes place at Madtree Brewery. “This is my first time participating in the O.F.F. Market, so that alone is special,” she says. 

There are a variety of items sold through Repeat Styles, and they include: vintage tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, accessories and housewares. These items are available online and through pop up events. “Since Repeat is only available online at the moment, whenever customers can physically shop our items, I like to call it a pop up to let them know we will be at a certain location for them to shop,” O’Bryan says. It is not just O’Bryan working on this event, she has a team. “There are a lot of local vendors that will also be in attendance. As for my space, I will have my boyfriend help me set up and my older sister, Alex, will be the only one working the actual event with me,” O’Bryan says. “We have invited a lot of our friends and family to check us out, as well as the other vendors for a fun day of local shopping.”

With the event, she defines success by whether or not customers are impacted. “Whether that’s selling them an item they love, meeting a new friend or helping someone develop their own sense of style,” O’Bryan says. 

As with this event, or any event she has a pop-up shop at, O’Bryan’s goal is to make the space inviting. “I always have a pretty clear indication on what I like my events to look like. I’m very serious about making my space visually appealing and easy to shop for customers,” she says. “I want them to feel invited and inclined to check things out and to create conversation.”

O’Bryan enjoys interacting with and getting feedback from customers at pop-up shops, as she doesn’t have the opportunity for those experiences with online shopping. “I have a serious passion for shopping, as you might be able to tell. Since Repeat is only available online at the moment, I love to have the opportunity for customers to be able to physically shop our products and interact with us as well,” she says. “It truly makes me happy to see others happy.”

Repeat Styles loves to work with other members of the Cincinnati community, as well. “I have heard of the O.F.F. Market for some time now and I’ve only heard great things. They pick amazing local vendors from the community, while hosting the event at a local Cincinnati landmark,” O’Bryan says. “Whether you’re a beer drinker or not, you’ve heard of Madtree and it’s just really amazing that we can all come together and support each other.”

Her favorite part of working the event is the rush she gets from preparing for the event. “I really love everything about working these types of events. I love the rush of the set up, I love having customers check out the items and most importantly, I love getting to know customers,” O’Bryan says. “It’s so cool to positively impact people. Being able to connect with people through my items is so special to me.”

To keep up with Repeat Styles, follow them on Facebook and also Instagram, which is “thebirthplace of Repeat Styles,” she says. “We will be posting stories, maybe a live story as well, and of course, pictures documenting the event. Our upcoming events will always be on Instagram, as well as our Facebook.”