Rock Salt Vintage

Rock Salt Vintage

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When Katelin Reeser went shopping for jewelry, she couldn’t find anything that she liked. Rather than wasting more time with her search for the perfect accessories, she decided to start making her own jewelry and form her own company.


The timing was perfect – she had just graduated from college earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a focus in photography. She had the time, the resources, and the drive to create something truly special. After one year of practice and perfection, Rock Salt Vintage was born.


“I started making pieces because I didn’t see stuff that I would want to wear,” says Reeser. “I decided to start selling them because my friends saw the pieces I was making and said that they liked them.”


If you could sum up the aesthetic of Rock Salt Vintage in one word, it would be “simple.” Simple shapes hammered out of brass paired with thin gold chains and semi precious stones. Reeser hammers her own brass into delicate geometric shapes and puts them along with quartz, crystal, and several other organic materials.


“I like to keep it very simple. I make a lot of pieces that you can wear everyday,” says Reeser. “I am drawn to the organic shapes of the stones that I find and I am inspired by brass and how I can form it into whatever shape I want.”


Most of Reeser’s pieces range from $40-50, but she has several as low as $25. While the prices for her pieces might be the same, every piece of jewelry she makes is different and unique in it’s own special way.


“I like to use this philosophy in all of my designs,” says Reeser. “Each piece takes on its own character as I make it. The results are never the same.”


The big goal for Reeser and the future of Rock Salt Vintage is to get the word, and her accessories, out to the larger public. Currently, she sells her jewelry on Etsy and applies to as many festivals and markets as she can. For the upcoming summer, it seems that Reeser will reach her goal.


“In July I will be going to a large craft fair in San Francisco and I will be meeting with retailers to wholesale my designs,” says Reeser. “I currently sell my jewelry in Parlour salon and will be bringing my pieces to Sloane boutique downtown in the near future.”


Finding special pieces of jewelry shouldn’t be hard. And with Rock Salt Vintage expanding its horizons, it won’t be.


To shop Reeser’s pieces, visit her store on Etsy.