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A local designer is bringing her own experimental style to her jewelry collection. Click here for the details.

Libby Andress finds inspiration through personal expression. 

“My style has always been very unknowingly experimental and I partly attribute this to my mother, and her enjoyment of outfitting personalities,” says Andress. “As a child in the 80s, I slept under a Fiorucci poster with angels wearing sunglasses that my mom brought back from Los Angeles. If you know the brand, then you probably understand that it has a reputation for being experimental.” 

Fiorucci was also all over Italy at a time when her family frequently traveled there. This brand encouraged her to be more demonstrative about her personal expression – in fashion, music, and art. 

Personal expression is key at Shop Libby, a jewelry shop with a wide array of jewelry options. Andress also designs some of the jewelry she sells in her shop, which is part indie designer brand.

“Personal expression is firstly the responsibility of the individual, and there is plenty to choose from out there in the world,” she says. “This is why I offer so many styles from all over the world to customers – so they can express themselves how they want, and everyone’s happy and no one feels insulted.”

Andress is the one-woman show behind her jewelry shop. Although she doesn’t currently have a storefront, you can find her online and at local pop-ups, including at Findlay Market on the weekends April through December.

Andress says she enjoys the unique blend of styles that she’s experienced in Cincinnati. “I grew up in Cincinnati and am familiar with the retail history of the city even back to before I was born – the local department stores and retail institutions that helped create a vibrant retail landscape,” she says. “Cincinnati definitely has a unique blend of style and I have experience trying all of it personally. I know what customers want here.”

She also credits her personal intuition for buying that helps to set her shop out from the rest. 

Her inventory and collections are constantly evolving, as most of what she sells is something she loves from the moment she buys or makes it. “If I don’t have a wow moment I typically won’t bother,” she says. 

Shop the collection at or follow along on Instagram.