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Shoppe Smitten

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We chat with the two local ladies behind a boutique that carries affordable and stylish clothing. Read on for more about how they got started and the mission that keeps them going.


Shoppe Smitten is located in downtown Springboro and affordable, stylish clothing and accessories.

Kameron Mosher and Leslie Moss first opened their boutique, Shoppe Smitten, in downtown Springboro nearly three years ago. The two ladies had different backgrounds and saw an opportunity with Springboro lacking retail options available for women in need of affordable and stylish clothing. So, Smitten was born.

Moss is a long time photographer who specializes in senior photography with an eye for design while co-owner Mosher has a background in entrepreneurship. Both women had a passion for people and fashion, so they opened their boutique with the mission to sell “things we love and believe in,” says Mosher.

“Many of the items we carry are philanthropic, benefitting organizations both locally and globally,” she adds. “We also love to support local artisans by carrying their handmade goods.”

For example, one product on Smitten’s shelves right now are candles from Eleventh Candle Co. This company sells candles with cute names like ‘Sunday Brunch” and “Spiced Chai” while also working globally to help those affected by human trafficking, abuse and addiction.

Fashion is a great way to help uplift women and as mothers of two children each, both Moss and Mosher find it important to feel beautiful and confident even on bad days.

“We don’t think ‘mom’ needs to mean ‘frumpy,’ and can actually mean empowering through style,” says Moss.

Smitten’s typical customer ranges anywhere from 20 to 40 but they are not limited to one specific “style” or customer. Smitten caters to any woman who wants to feel beautiful by finding the perfect clothes and the perfect fit.

“We put all of our care into each customer that walks in through our door. We want every person to walk out of our shoppe feeling special,” explains Moss.

The atmosphere of the boutique is also portrayed in the name. They chose shoppe because they are in a small, quaint town and “smitten” because that is how they want their customers to feel while shopping.

The boutique carries a wide range of trends, styles and sizes so it’s easy for everyone to find something.

“We are looking forward to spring florals and stripes,” says Mosher.

As a bonus, Shoppe Smitten holds a “Ladies Night Out” along with other businesses in the Historic Springboro District. The next one coming up will be held April 19.

In the future, both Moss and Mosher hope to expand by opening up more locations as well as increasing their online presence and boosting online sales.

For now, you can find Shoppe Smitten in the heart of the Springboro business district, located at 205 S Main St. Check it out for yourself, or to learn more, visit or follow along on Instagram.