Simply Hyacinth – The Boutique for the Connoisseur

Simply Hyacinth – The Boutique for the Connoisseur

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One boutique owner travels the world to find the most socially responsible, one-of-a-kind goods for her store. Read on to learn more about it.

Simply Hyacinth traveled the world to find social responsible goods for her store in Dayton.

It takes a special kind of entrepreneur to travel the world, meeting other entrepreneurs and artists, in search of the most socially responsible, one-of-a-kind goods for her store. That’s exactly what Hyacinth Paul did prior to opening her store Simply Hyacinth in Dayton.

Since opening on Black Friday in 2014, the boutique has grown substantially, Paul says, and it’s largely in thanks to their unique items that can’t be found elsewhere.

“In November 2014, I was having tea with someone I knew for about seven years, and we were discussing an article in the Dayton Daily News, which stated that about 27% of Daytonians live below the poverty line,” Paul recalls. “I thought that was so high, and when my friend told me she was one of those people, I was so shocked. My friend had a graduate degree, a full-time job, sat dogs and homes and gave music lessons, but she was still not be able to make even $12,000.”

“After hearing this,” Paul says she thought, “‘Okay, we need to stop this,’ and I bought a whole bunch of wool, gave it to her and told her, you knit and I will sell’ – that’s how Simply Hyacinth was was created. Within a month, we had a website up and running, and I [planned] a show in my home.”


However, two days before the show, “I thought ‘I can’t just sell cowls and scarves, I need more,’” she recalls. “So, I reached out to the local artists, jewelers and people who created fine art. They all brought me things to sell, and then I had my first show at my home.” The boutique and her e-commerce site sell a vast assortment of goods ranging from handmade jewelry and clothing, to artwork and furniture for the home. The boutique also has a largely stocked ethnic clothing and accessories line that is sold under Paul’s brand, Hyacinth Paul.

Consumers can feel good about shopping the boutique because Paul is socially, environmentally and community conscious. “Simply Hyacinth donates 25% of the net profits to scholarships in education and entrepreneurship,” Paul says. “All the products that we stock in our boutique are from socially responsible companies. I try to look for products that have stories behind them – the people behind the products are equally important.”

The store works tirelessly to remain globally minded, and incorporate goods from all over the world. “At first I thought I would stock only made in the USA products,” Paul says. “But as I traveled around the world, I found that there are many companies both here in the US as well as abroad that are making a mark on their communities in their own little way.”

While purchasing goods and commodities with a story behind them, Paul says customers are also pleasantly surprised at the affordability of these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Simply Hyacinth – The Boutique for the Connoisseur is located at 2800 Miamisburg Centerville Rd Dayton, Ohio. If you’re looking to shop online or would like more information, visit their website at or call (937) 221-8652.