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Sky Outfitters

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Look fab and support a great cause with this buy-one-give-one apparel company that supports homeless shelters and their needs across the country.

It’s the time of year to reflect and be grateful for what you have, and lift up those less fortunate. Here to help with the latter is Sky Outfitters. 

“Sky Outfitters is a mission-based apparel company that is headquartered out of Indianapolis,” says Brand Manager Keeton Yescott Hendricks. “We operate with a buy-one-give-one model, partnering with different homeless shelters every single month. Every item purchased throughout each month is matched with that same item donated to our partnered homeless shelter. Everything we do is driven by trying to make a difference in the homeless community in the United States.”

The company, founded by Keaton Hendricks, was inspired by the issues of homelessness facing the country today. 

“Keaton Hendricks grew up volunteering at homeless shelters in his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana,” says Yescott Hendricks. “That was where his eyes were opened to the issues of homelessness, and his heart started to beat for them.”

Once Hendricks arrived at college in 2014, he noticed that a growing trend among his peers were socks. It just so happens that socks are also a highly requested item from homeless shelters, so he decided to launch a company that would keep consumers on-trend while providing for those who need it most. 

Hendricks runs Sky Outfitters alongside his wife and brand manager, Yescott Hendricks. They also have a part-time employee named Steve Mozingo who has a variety of responsibilities for the business.

What started as a small sock company has grown to offer different types of socks as well as other apparel items. “We offer a wide range of socks – dress socks, casual socks, athletic socks, comfort socks, etc.,” says Yescott Hendricks. “We now also sell winter beanies and scarves with the same one-for-one model. So every sock purchased is matched with a sock donated to our homeless shelter of the month, every hat is matched with a hat, and every scarf is matched with a scarf.”

This unique business model, being a buy-one-give-one company, that supports homeless shelters was birthed in a college dorm room. Hendricks started Sky Outfitters and ran it out of his dorm room for two years until he graduated from college in 2018 and moved to Indianapolis.

With a giving heart, Hendricks, his wife, and his business are hoping to one day be able to offer all of the apparel items that homeless shelters need while continuing to offer the one-for-one model. 

“To be able to provide each homeless shelter with the apparel needs that they have for a full year after partnering with us would be a dream,” she says. “Homeless shelters have a length list, so we’re currently figuring out what we will go into next.”

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