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Three Cincinnati fashion collaborators – Tony Tiemeyer, Alexa Greenler and Jenny Perusek – are bringing a “cerebral approach” to couture with their vintage fashion website, STIFF UPPER Lip. Recently launched on September 18, 2013, the site offers a fresh voice in fashion by tapping into the minds of three different style aesthetics and fashion perspectives, according to Perusek.



“STIFF UPPER lip combines three different perspectives into one fashion voice. Whatever inspires us at the time is what we write about,” Perusek explains. “The objective is to open your eyes to what is interesting and inspiring regardless of place and time.”

With what Perusek calls a “forever changing and forever unexpected” view on fashion, STIFF UPPER Lip releases a new issue every three weeks concentrating on a designer, a particular piece of fashion, or a fashion concept and analyzes the inspiration, importance and meaning behind it through three columns.

According to Perusek, within each issue there will be three columns focusing on the areas of editorial (photos), chronicle (story) and city (talent). “TOP IT OFF, FASHION=ART and A REFINED AESTHETIC are the titles of the columns in the first issue,” Perusek adds. By sharing these unique outlooks on different fashion topics Perusek hopes it will influence the way Cincinnatians look at fashion.


Although STIFF UPPER Lip’s main focus is fashion editorial writing, it also features two vintage inspired websites, and, which Tiemeyer owns and operates.


EVOLUTION, a vintage studio in Cincinnati that collects vintage pieces destined to be the vintage of the future, was founded by Tony Tiemeyer, one of the STIFF UPPER Lip fashion collaborators. Due to Tiemeyer’s success with his vintage retail store in Manhattan and EVOLUTION, 1stdibs, a global luxury marketplace for vintage fashion featuring furniture, fine art, jewelry, fashion, estates, and collections from all over world, teamed up with Tiemeyer to sell his vintage pieces from EVOLTION worldwide on their website.


Tiemeyer’s collaboration with 1stdibs allows STIFF UPPER Lip to not only offer unique perspectives through fashion editorial writing but to also offer a “great education on the history and construction of garments,” according to Tiemeyer, through EVOLUTION’s vintage inspired pieces and 1stdibs vintage collections.


To learn more about STIFF UPPER Lip, visit their website or Facebook page. You can also follow them on Twitter or Instagram.