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Style Encore

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Want to expand your wardrobe without emptying your bank account? The new Style Encore in Florence can help.


Officially opened on October 23, this “recycling retail” chain store serves as the one-stop-shop to buy and sell gently used clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories.


“We buy items in great condition that are currently in style and have been in retail stores within the past couple of years,” explains Toni Lewin, with Style Encore’s PR firm, Fishman Public Relations.


From casual to business apparel, Style Encore offers fashion-forward women late-20s to mid-50s the latest styles and designer items at an affordable price. “Unlike consignment stores, no appointments are necessary, and you get paid cash on the spot for merchandise that they purchase,” says Lewin. “You can either keep the cash or shop for trendy and in-style items at a value of 60 to 70% off regular retail prices.”


The entire foundation of Style Encore is based off two main eco-minded principals: reusing and recycling. “Our customers love the idea of profiting from unwanted items and updating their wardrobe at an affordable price while simultaneously helping the environment,” says Lewin.


Instead of tossing unwanted clothing and accessories, women are encouraged to bring them to the store and get paid to recycle their fashions. “By not throwing apparel, shoes and accessories in the garbage, it keeps items out of landfills,” says Lewin. “It’s also important to keep in mind that the majority of clothing purchased in the U.S. comes from abroad.”


When merchandise is transferred into the U.S., energy is used and the planet is polluted with coal and natural gas. By purchasing clothing made in America, you support a smaller carbon footprint.


“With the economic struggle our nation is experiencing, people have stricter budgets and less money to spend toward fashion,” says Lewin. “However, that doesn’t mean people care any less about their appearance and attire. We provide a cost-effective way to remain fashion-forward while respecting your budget.”


Style Encore has a “Trending Now” section featured on their website with examples of the top ten styles from this season. From shoes to accessory staples, they provide customers with inspiration to stay on top of the hottest trends.


Also, by purchasing items back from women, Style Encore is able to provide those sellers with an additional income.


“So far, the community has expressed nothing but positive feedback surrounding our store. We hope the success of our first location will aid our aspirations of expanding throughout the area,” says Lewin.


The new Style Encore store is located at 7820 Connector Dr. in Florence, KY. To learn more visit or call at (859) 980-7400.