Sweet Hayseed’s Wearable Wonders

Sweet Hayseed’s Wearable Wonders

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Read on to learn about the inspiration behind a local artist’s handmade wigs, and see why you’ll wig out to own one of her creations.

Wearable Wonders
Stacey Vest is the owner of Sweet Hayseed’s Wearable Wonders and designs custom wigs for customers.

CAPTIONS for photos 2 & 3: Photos with Ashley Marie Bowman by Jeff Kobberdahl

Local wig designer draws on inspiration from all over the city to create custom wigs for many different people. Stacey Vest, owner and designer behind Sweet Hayseed’s Wearable Wonders, believes that wigs should be thought of as art.

“My thoughts are any type of headdress or wig adds another dimension to an ensemble,” Vest says. “My tag is “art for your head.” which can be taken in a literal sense as wearing art on your head or, in my opinion, anything you see, hear, taste, smell or think can be art, so the head is a sacred place and should be adorned.”

While wig making may seem unconventional for some, wig designing came second nature to Vest. “At a very early age I’ve had a passion for fashion, an itch for kitsch. I believe coloring my hair with Kool-Aid and chalk as a young child set the tone and direction for wig making.”

Photo with Ashley Marie Bowman by Jeff Kobberdahl

For Vest, wig making is her creative outlet to inspire others and fuel her creative passions. The one-of-a-kind handmade wigs offer a unique take on accessorizing. From luxe braids to colors all over the rainbow, Vest creates her one-of-a-kind wigs with artisan quality, and a flair for the extravagant.

“The fun in wearing and making wigs is that I’ve found besides doorways and low ceilings,” Vest says, “there’s really no limitations.”

Wigs might not seem customary for the average person to wear for a night on the town, but her custom creations can be used to liven things up or create a statement. With endless color choices, styling options and special attachments, wigs can be customized to fit a person’s personality or even a different persona.

For some, wigs hold a more special meaning than just adding a bit of flair. Typical for those suffering from illnesses that cause hair loss, or going through treatments can cause self-esteem issues in the lives of many.

Wigs can bring back some confidence in the lives of many. “I made a custom wig for a child with leukemia,” Vest says. “Her mother purchased it for a photo shoot during chemotherapy. I would love to be involved in such organizations as Susan Koman or breast cancer awareness. How great would it be to attend a pink wig hair ball to raise awareness?”

Photo with Ashley Marie Bowman by Jeff Kobberdahl
Photo with Ashley Marie Bowman by Jeff Kobberdahl

Fighting cancer with sass and a custom wig can add joy in the hearts of those who need it the most. Adding a smile on customer’s faces is what Vest enjoys most. “It’s such a huge compliment when clients respect my work,” Vest says, “and I am their official ‘go to’ wig maker.”

Vest hosts and also collaborates with local artists for parades, fashion shows and also local events. Her custom wigs have been featured in the Cincinnati Pride Parade, the Northside Fourth of July parade, and the Chicken Lays an Egg fashion show.

This summer, Vest is teaching a summer workshop at the Taft Museum of Art. Aside from attending local events and fashion shows, she sells her designs on Etsy at sweethayseed.com to offer high quality wigs to people all over the nation.

For more information or to purchase a custom wig creation from Vest, visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/sweethayseed. Or you can follow Sweet Hayseed’s Wearable Wonders on Facebook to keep up with the on-goings of the shop, and see all of her creations.