The Abundant Life Co.

The Abundant Life Co.

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Learn about a local woman who creates unique, handcrafted accessories for women of all ages that bring joy and life to their wardrobe.

Katelyn Lloyd has always considered herself creative. As a maker, she loves to create and make things she knows others will love and enjoy. And she was doing just that with a few of her own little shops up until 2018 when she had a not so great market experience. 

After that experience and having a baby, she decided to take a step away from the makers industry. 

“Then, one day in early 2019, I sat holding my newborn baby and felt God putting the word ‘abundance’ in my heart, then I read John 10:10, which says ‘the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly,’” she says. “I really did feel like in that season, I was finally recognizing the abundant joy that was in front of me. I suddenly got the urge to begin creating again and felt passionate about sharing my creations with women around me.”

Today her little shop is called Abundant Life Co., and it’s a shop that offers unique, handcrafted accessories for women of all ages that bring joy and life to their wardrobe.

At Abundant Life Co. you’ll find hand-crafted clay, fabric, and resin earrings and hair accessories, as well as some apparel and home decor using graphic designs that Lloyd has created and hand-lettered.

Katelyn Lloyd, Founder of Abundant Life Co. Photo: Emma McMahan Photography


Products from Abundant Life Co. aren’t just for grown-ups, Lloyd says. “For younger girls, we have accessories ranging from $5-$15 while the larger earrings and accessories average more around $20,” she adds. 

Lloyd says that all of the items she creates for Abundant Life Co. are put together with love, care, and attention. “Picture me in my kitchen after everyone else has gone to bed, dining table covered with clay, jump rings, fabric, and a half-consumed coffee, 90-pound golden retriever sitting at my feet,” she says. 

With that care and attention comes uniqueness. Lloyd’s earrings are small-batch, which means that she doesn’t make 100 pairs of the same style and oftentimes each pair is unique to the others. “And while most of my earrings are ‘big, statement’ earrings, they are extremely lightweight, which makes them comfortable enough to wear all day long,” she adds. “It’s often hard for me to sell some of my favorite pairs because I end up loving them so much.”

Lloyd says that you can find Abundant Life Co. at local shops this year as there are many exciting things happening for the business. 

To learn more about Abundant Life Co., follow along on Instagram or shop the site we “I’ve made it a goal to blog more in 2020 so be sure to check out that page on our website, too,” she says.