The Humanitarian League’s Diva Day

The Humanitarian League’s Diva Day

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Jan Malley with husband Chip Malley

The Humanitarian League‘s Diva Day is an event full of history and heart that’s sure to bring out your inner diva.


The league was founded by the mother of Jan Malley, who now runs it, in 1960 and was known as The Humane Education Auxiliary at that time. After Malley’s mother passed in 1994, she waited for someone to take over the league.



“My children were young and I worked full time so I was unable to devote the time and energy to it that this fabulous charity group needed,” says Malley. Later, in 2004, when her children were older and no one else had carried it on, Malley and her husband Chip decided the time was right to step in. They revitalized it as “The Humanitarian League of Greater Cincinnati” and hosted the first Diva Day in 2005 as their main fundraiser.


Diva Day is a day of pampering, shopping, a fashion show, lunch and pet adoption. Two of their more famous hosts have been Carmen Electra and Jill Rappaport. The funds from Diva Day are raised to help abused and neglected children and animals in the Greater Cincinnati area.


In 2013, Diva Day raised over $120,000 with the help of attendees, sponsors and other contributors. Because it’s a biennial event, the next Diva Day will be held in October 2015.


“Our league is composed of over 50 divas from the Tri-State area who are all talented and compassionate ladies,” says Malley. This fall, the league divas are focused on two events: Jill Rappaport’s “Pies 4 Paws” to raise awareness for pet adoption and money for charities helping homeless pets get homes. The other is their “Pet Adoption Day” at the Mercedes Benz Dealership in Fort Mitchell KY Nov. 8 from 11a.m. to 4p.m. “It will be a fun day of vendors, fashion show, food and dog adoptions,” says Malley.


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