The Ipumpglove

The Ipumpglove

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Beverly Clayton, founder of Ipumpglove

With all the scary illnesses out there, and all the dirty public surfaces we touch on a daily basis, Beverly Clayton decided to do something about it.


As a healthcare professional, Clayton knows hand care hygiene is essential for avoiding the increase of community acquired infections. Because gas pump handles were found to be the dirtiest things most Americans come into contact with on a daily basis, that’s where Clayton began her journey.


She created the product concept in 2012 and officially launched her Ipumpglove business in 2013.


The product concept is simple: a washable and reusable glove that provides protection against germs as well as gasoline and smell of fuel. “It can be stored back in its packaging for months without the gas smell lingering,” Clayton explains.


“I wanted to make a difference by offering a fun alternative to the prevention of illness and promote health because the Ipumpglove is for children too,” says Clayton.


Hand sanitizers break down the natural protection on your hands and can create more problems, Clayton explains. That’s why the Ipumpglove blends a proprietary formula of natural products with a high-grade essential oil to aide in protecting while nurturing the skin. Clayton is also working on the packaging to be an aromatic for the car.


“The Ipumpglove received its provisional patent status January of this year and after finding the right material, I continued to work on the vision by introducing it through vending events and launch on my business Facebook page,” says Clayton.


The business is gradually building an audience and Clayton is creating marketing strategies through Facebook and Twitter for exposure with the tag lines of “bringing class to a dirty task” and “keep the bugs on the glove and not your hand!”


Clayton is dedicated to improving public health through the product as well as public education through her net profits. That’s why she donates 20 percent of her proceeds to Crayons to Computers, a free store for teachers of needy students in Greater Cincinnati. “There is no greater value than education and making a difference in a student’s life that is my mission,” says Clayton.


“I have listened to clients and business owners on how to make my product unique by the use of propriety natural products, and when I hear people say they use paper towels to handle the pump, I think… isn’t that awkward? And when I have seen them leave the paper towel on the pump, I think…isn’t that rude? Again, let’s bring class to a dirty task,” says Clayton.


Clayton’s goal is for the Ipumpglove to be available at gas stations, and grocery stores, for fundraising events, charitable events and businesses as a marketing tool for advertisement. Finally, Claytom would like to see a manufacturer continue her vision for mass production; currently she personally sews, decorates, protects and packages the product.


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