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The Perfect Shirt

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Learn about a clothier who’s bringing his custom shirt and suiting company to Cincinnati, and how it can help a man in your life find, well, The Perfect Shirt.

The Perfect Shirt
The Perfect Shirt offers attention to detail and timelessness in men’s dress and casual wear.

The name says it all: The Perfect Shirt.

That’s what The Perfect Shirt aims to provide. For this custom menswear shirt and suiting provider, it’s all about luxury, customization, timelessness and standing out while remaining true to essential men’s dress and casual wear. According to Robert Bucheit, founder and creative director, The Perfect Shirt can be worn in any setting, by any generation.

“We pride ourselves on possessing a fanatical attention to detail, a unique customer experience, and a premier product,” Bucheit adds. “Our people, the experience and the product distinguishes us in the resurgence of custom clothing.”

Launched in July 2016, The Perfect Shirt has already established itself in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas, however Bucheit is returning to his roots by expanding the company to Cincinnati in 2017. “This is an incredible city,” Bucheit explains, “and we believe our mission and perfect shirts fit the trending lifestyle and growth of Cincinnati.”

Bucheit describes shopping The Perfect Shirt as a “simple process that covers complex design.” The Perfect Shirt’s brand consultants will come to you at work or home. “Whether you’re looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul in your wardrobe,” Bucheit says, “we have you covered.”


It all begins with a consultation that targets your needs. Next there is a walk through of the customization process, which includes; measurements, fabric selection with over 300 choices including brands such as Thomas Mason and Cancilini, and finally custom finishes. It takes three to four weeks for shirting and five to six weeks for suiting garments to be completed and delivered.

Bucheit says The Perfect Shirt is inspired by “all the things that one earns in life through hard work, discipline and perseverance. For me, that is our customer; an everyday gentleman who embodies a strong work ethic that not only shows it professionally but also chooses to display a passion for their personal appearance as well.”

Hard work, dedication and perseverance are things that Bucheit is deeply aware of. He got his start in men’s luxury dress wear at The Bananna Republic straight out of college, serving in their wardrobing and management programs. From there Bucheit began specializing in bespoke men’s wear while working under the legendary master tailor Romualdo Pelle of Romualdo’s. After relocating to Texas with his wife Bucheit started with Cadillac in one of their highest grossing stores. “These experiences really honed my understanding of the luxury segment and the expectations of the customers it serves. Now with The Perfect Shirt I feel that we are bringing all aspects of my rich history full circle to deliver not only a luxurious experience but a carefully crafted garment”, he says.

For the ladies wondering about the possibility of their own perfect shirts Bucheit says it’s one of the most frequent questions he asked. “In short we are currently only providing suiting options for women (i.e., blazers, slacks, and skirts). It is my goal to grow this business to help reach new markets and to meet the needs of all in the business world, women included.”

To learn more, visit The Perfect Shirt on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. To set up your consultation for 2017, visit their website,, or reach out to Bucheit directly at