The Sister Accord

The Sister Accord

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The “love” bracelent from the new Sister Accord collection,
designed by Lisa Robin Jewelry.

Two Ohio based women-owned companies have joined forces to launch a new jewelry collection and eradicate bullying.

Sonia Jackson Myles, author of “The Sister Accord: 51 Ways To Love Your Sister,” teamed up with Lisa Robin Adkinson, founder of Lisa Robin Jewelry, to launch “The Sister Accord” charm jewelry collection.

“Sonia asked me to partner with her to design the collection to commemorate the ‘9 jewels’ in her debut book,” explains Adkinson. “The book is focused on educating girls and women on the importance of supportive, loving and positive reciprocal relationships, and its transforming lives one girl and one woman at a time, around the globe.”

Just five years ago, Adkinson launched Lisa Robin Jewelry and from there began building a national customer base. Drawing inspiration from her own self-made jewelry line, Adkinson designed The Sister Accord (SA) Collection based on 10 sterling silver charms, one to represent The Sister Accord Movement and nine to represent the jewels in Myles’ book, which are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness and selflessness. The “love” bracelet was added to the collection in December, the “Sister Accord” bracelet as well as the “Peace” bracelet will be added in January and the seven other charms based on Myles book will be added this spring.

Adkinson’s goal is to reinforce the principles set out in Myles book and support The SA Foundation, as a portion of the sale of each bracelet is donated to the charity. The SA Foundation provides resources that works to eradicate bullying and violence against girls and women, and also educates girls and women about the power of sisterhood.

“Based on the nine jewels from Sonia’s book I found symbols that cross various cultures. Using those, I designed each of the charms with open space in the center surrounded by the shape of the symbol in sterling silver, which represents keeping your heart open to accept the love of your sister,” Adkinson says. “The symbols themselves are translated into slightly imperfect shapes which represent the imperfections we all possess and remind us to love others with imperfections.”

In addition, each bracelet includes a tag in the shape of a gerber daisy, The SA Foundation logo, stamped with SA for Sister Accord on one side and LR for Lisa Robin on the other side. According to Adkinson the logos stamped on each side represent the power of “sisters,” Myles and Adkinson, working together. Each bracelet is priced at $99 each.

Adkinson says that that The SA Collection partnership is already generating growth and programming for the organization. “I love the concept of The SA Tea Parties, which is a program developed by Sonia to educate high school girls on the importance of Sisterhood and loving/respectful relationships, leadership skills, etiquette in personal grooming, communication and social skills,” she explains. Thus far, two tea parties have been conducted, one in Cincinnati and one in Detroit.

According to Adkinson, the new collection has taken off because of the deep meaning behind the pieces, and the opportunity to customize. “They can choose the charms, collect and wear the bracelets stacked on their wrists. The charms can remind them daily of the principles they need to practice or those they cherish most,” she explains, “People love the symbolism, the packaging, the quality and, of course, supporting a great cause.”

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