The Style Resolution Launches The Closet of Style

The Style Resolution Launches The Closet of Style

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A luxury wardrobe styling agency launches a new collection of authentic, hand-picked vintage pieces to add some flair to your fashion.


Photo by Andrea Sabugo

The Style Resolution is a luxury styling agency that concentrates on image consulting, closet editing, personal styling and the creation of in-home styling solutions.

“What we do is simple,” says Sydney Murdock, the founder of The Style Resolution. “We remove the difficulty associated with locating and styling outfits consistently to guarantee that you never have to spend hours on a shopping trip again.”

Murdock is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a background in retail management, visual merchandising and wardrobe styling. “I have experience in personal, editorial, commercial and product styling, which has been a benefit to all of our clients,” she explains. “My mission is simple – to employ stylists in the Greater Cincinnati Area. I believe our city is growing and the needs of our city are growing as well. I am happy to create solutions for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes right here, in our city.”

Murdock has been working as a wardrobe stylist in the commercial and editorial realm in Cincinnati for more than 10 years. She says women would often ask her how they could style themselves at home, which led her to realize that there was a huge gap of women who were not being served. She began by focusing on everyday women, to ensure that they looked and felt their best. 

“It can be extremely difficult for women to get dressed and love what they’re wearing – With demanding corporate careers, growing businesses, active children and husbands, it’s easy to lose focus of themselves,” Murdock explains. “So, The Style Resolution was born to remedy that – by alleviating the stress of shopping, the frustration with maintaining a signature look, and the worries of not being prepared for any event due to wardrobe.”

 “After becoming a member of The Style Resolution, you’ll receive clothing that reflects you, you’ll understand styling techniques that enhance you,” Murdock explains. “Most of all, you’ll have a stylist who knows you.”

The Style Resolution provides a luxury experiences for all of their clients, according to Murdock, adding that she aims to make women feel amazing, while also wanting the process to reflect that as well. “We go the extra mile by bringing styling solutions to our clients with full closet editing and organization sessions, in-home shopping appointments, and personalized look books that are catered toward their specific taste,” says Murdock.

The goal for the Style Resolution is to provide luxury and elevated styling services that are ongoing, stress-free and convenient for the everyday woman, Murdock says. She says she hopes to build a larger team of stylists in 2020 to expand to larger corporate projects, which will enhance the lives of women and men in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The Style Resolution will be presenting an in-person styling and workshop series called The Style Studio, where they will teach and work with women to develop and maintain their Signature Style in an intimate group setting. 

Murdock also recently launched an online, luxury vintage shop called The Closet of Style. “The shop creates monthly collections that are hand-picked, class and authentic vintage pieces that will remain relevant in your closet,” she says. 

In 2020, The Style Resolution will be launching a Signature Styling Membership, that takes the burden of styling, shopping and wardrobe maintenance off of the hands of women and men for a full calendar year.

“We are prepared to reach women at any level to ensure they are prepared with the tools to look and feel excellent each day,” Murdock explains.

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