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Tamia Stinson is who many want to be when they grow up. Learn more about this magazine stylist by day, fashion blogger by night (and “Downtown Disco Housewife” in between).

Tamia Stinson, Founder of The Style Sample. Image: Tiernae Salley

When a fashionista thinks of her dream job, a vision close to Tamia Stinson’s life will come to mind.

She began her fashion-focused blog, The Style Sample, in 2008. “I started organizing pop-up shops for new and emerging designers back in 2005, when you still had to explain to people what a pop-up shop actually was” explains Stinson. “After that, I moved on to other pop-up projects, participated in Cincinnati Fashion Week, organized fashion shows, did some styling for an awesome but short-lived magazine called A-Line as well as other freelance clients, created look books for local retailers and built the website for Thread Cincinnati as part of our group of local style bloggers.”

Along the way, she landed a prestigious Stylist position at Cincinnati Magazine. “I’ve been a full time Stylist at Cincinnati Magazine for a little over two years now,” she explains. “My job involves finding cool and interesting products—fashion, accessories, home goods, you name it—to feature in the monthly magazine as well as specialty publications like Cincinnati Wedding, SHOPS, HOME and Baby Guide.”

This grad from The Ohio State University, who majored in business marketing with a minor in fashion merchandising, describes her personal style as a Downtown Disco Housewife. “My style is a combination of drape-y, asymmetrical neutrals—which would be the ‘downtown;’ glitzy ‘70s-inspired loungewear—the ‘disco;’ and nipped-waist skirts with oxford shirts—the ‘housewife,’” she laughs. “I figure that will do until I achieve my real goal, which is to dress like Prince every single day.”

As she grabs inspiration from the A-listers such as Tracee Ellis Ross and Jennifer Lopez, her biggest influence is her mother. “My personal favorite fashion icon is my mother, who is the epitome of what I call ‘Class ‘n Sass,’” Stinson says. “She’s a proper lady, but she is no one to mess with!”

While her job, The Style Sample blog and partnership with Thread Cincinnati keep her busy, she also started a new project, Tss-Studio, which helps new businesses and early entrepreneurs with marketing and branding strategies. To learn more about it, visit To learn more about The Style Sample, visit